Real time monitoring of automation setups for customers.


Prima Automation is a premier manufacturer of quality panels and automation solutions.

One of the top challenges most industries are facing these days is of data management. Most business enterprises continually find it difficult in collecting, managing and creating value from the data.

Traditionally, the data from the industrial machines and plants are collected, compiled and stored by and to Plant Manager / MD / CEO / of the companies. According to the Oracle survey, 93% of executives believe that the 14% annual loss in fund and quality of required results are due to data being manipulated intentionally or unintentionally, ultimately resulting in problems in production planning.

Plutomen designed and developed RDMS - Remote Data Monitoring System that will help customers understand the data without any manipulations. The system also sends push notifications for alarms and faults as soon as they occur.

App Features

  • See reports on consumption of raw materials and production.
  • Alarms being generated if there is any fault or breakdown at plant.
  • Easy data comparison and analysis.
  • Generate customized reports.
  • Contact customer care department on the go.

5 reasons why you should get your business a complete application suite…

  • Better customer engagement and relationship management
  • Better business management with real-time data
  • Easier to grow, expand or pivot business
  • Higher RoIs on marketing efforts
  • Deeper understanding of customer behaviour

Technology Used

  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies

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