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Personal guide for machines.


Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have the potential to turn the tables in the manufacturing industry. AR technology is already creating waves of strides on the industrial manufacturing units.

Augmented Reality can be used to support some activities in product development, manufacturing, learning and training, marketing tool (because one cannot take those heavy machines to the client's door and demonstrate it).

Plutomen designed an Augmented Reality application that becomes your personal guide for machines. This mobile application let you explore the incredible experience of machine parts. Details on each and every specific part, where to use them, how to assemble them, the right configuration of each part… the possibilities are endless. Ideal as a training, marketing and even just as an educational tool.

App Features

  • Easy demonstration of heavy machineries.
  • Great marketing tool for the sales team.
  • Details on each and every specific part
  • Ideal for learning and training tool

5 reasons why AR is the next new big thing in marketing technology today

  • Excite customers – not with what is, but with what can be!
  • Lower cost of business since virtual, not physical, props are needed
  • Reach out to customers beyond physical, geographical reach
  • Reduce impossibilities to possibilities
  • Give customers an immersive world to experience your business better

Technology Used

  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies

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