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Lazy Switch

Experience the brilliance of IoT


A India-based technocrat recently engaged us to create an IoT application for them, where connect all your equipment and devices with Wi-Fi and control them through your smartphone – be it at home, office or any other place.

This application seamlessly connects with all the types of electrical equipment. Using Internet of Things technology, we have developed this mobile app, that set daily schedules for different equipment so that they turn On/Off based on set schedules without any further human interaction.

With Lazy Switch, get all your equipment and devices over Wi-Fi and control them through your smartphone – be it your home, office or factory. And enjoy world class user experience with smooth and simple design of the Lazy Switch app that people of all ages can understand and use.


  • Control any 4 equipment with single Lazy Switch device
  • Completely Wi-Fi enabled
  • Set Schedules to your devices to automate routine tasks
  • Can control high power consuming equipment like water coolers, pressure pumps, central electric heaters, water sprinklers, garden lighting, garage doors etc. apart from the routine lights, fans, TV etc.
  • Vacation Mode to turn off all schedules so that no equipment starts on its own while you are away

5 reasons why you should get your business a complete application suite…

  • Better customer engagement and relationship management
  • Better business management with real-time data
  • Easier to grow, expand or pivot business
  • Higher RoIs on marketing efforts
  • Deeper understanding of customer behaviour

Technology Used

  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
Lazy Switch

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