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For No Reason

An enhanced version of reality


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is everywhere. The latest forecasts says, AR/VR market dynamics will be changing in the next five years. Augmented Reality is becoming an essential tool for eCommerce and it can help to maximise the online shopping experience.

AR will upgrade the shopping experience as we know it. In recent years, eCommerce has seen considerable success and is now, by and large, an integral part of our lifestyles. Augmented Reality is expected to rapidly grow to $120 billion in revenue by 2020. AR finds application in e-commerce, with over 40% of consumers happier with the personalized, enhanced shopping experience, thus leading to lower return rates.

Plutomen developed an AR-based application that showcases the customer how a particular piece of jewelry would look in 3D. For real life viewing experience, the user can watch the video of the particular jewelry selected.

App Features

  • Exhilarating Customer Experience
  • Ability of see jewelry in 3D
  • Provide tactile feeling
  • Imitate real in-store experience
  • Eliminate doubts, reduce return rate

5 reasons why AR is the next new big thing in marketing technology today

  • Excite customers – not with what is, but with what can be!
  • Lower cost of business since virtual, not physical, props are needed
  • Reach out to customers beyond physical, geographical reach
  • Reduce impossibilities to possibilities
  • Give customers an immersive world to experience your business better

Technology Used

  • Portfolio Technologies
  • Portfolio Technologies
For No Reason

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