Event marketing and unique opportunities well utilized

Browse event itinerary and individual performances as well through mobile app

Industry Insights

Event Marketing is in a constant state of evolution and numerous strategies and tools have made way to the market to make events more memorable.

Event discovery is one of the many challenges event promoters face today. Our client decided to build an application to streamline event discovery and operations. The result was Muddy App which is the complete event solution for anyone. From listing all the events happening near you to managing them as per your interests and schedules, it will always assist you to find something new to do.

Solution Provided

Plutomen Technologies Private Limited provided technology solution and support to the customer team. Working closely with customer, Plutomen developed the mobile platform and management access portal of the application.

Application Details

Plutomen designed and developed an application for the customer having following features:

  • Single view of events, programs and performers details to browse through
  • Notifications and reminders for assistance
  • Add selected events in your schedule
  • Browse event itinerary and individual performances as well
  • Connect with organizers, performers on social media platforms
  • Scheduling assistance for attendees
  • Custom map for identifying program locations of an event

Business Benefits

  • Event discovery was made easy
  • Increased engagement levels of attendees
  • Increased number of attendees
  • Increased social engagement during the event
  • All the above led to success of the application

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