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How mixed reality can change the ways of marketing

Mixed reality offers a platform for brands to provide an experience of storytelling thus engaging consumers with your branding campaigns

In the year 2016, numerous brands including Facebook, Jaguar incorporated the technology of mixed reality into their businesses. According to Statista, coming years will see an increase in the total number of active VR users. These are estimated to reach 171 million by 2018 as compared to 43 million in 2016. The total revenue from VR and AR software is expected to increase by 3000%.

Mixed reality offers experiences to consumers within completely novel realms. Numerous VR and AR solutions have started capturing people's imagination and brands have started incorporating mixed reality technologies in storytelling.

Mixed Reality(MR) is already the reason behind numerous innovative marketing campaigns. This technology empowers you to exhibit the value of your offerings - product/service to customers through advanced and innovative concepts. Today’s marketing consultants ought to be ready to incorporate these emerging technologies into their consumer engagement tools and in parallel develop and understand it to realize its potential.

The fully immersive nature of MR Technologies can take customers anywhere and help them experience locales they could not reach otherwise, can walk around an environment and observe surrounding at their will.

Scope of MR Technology in the field of marketing is innumerable. It develops confidence and trust within consumers that what is promised will be delivered. Marketers must come up with more creative and clever ways of allowing customers to experience products in action. Such virtual and digital exposures help customers preview experiences before taking the buying decisions.

Mixed reality adds another layer called ‘The Virtual Layer’ to the world. This technology uses glasses or head mounted displays to provide a complete 3D experience. A deeper level of implementation of such technology can make these experiences more common and thus transform the way a customer experiences commercials. Boosting the consumers’ imaginations, consumers can quickly visualize the end result of the product or services offered and thus take the right decision.

It’s time to plan, strategize, and implement mixed reality technology. Introducing this new reality will make customers more proficient, also, make their shopping experience more fascinating and welcoming. Without a doubt, the power and responsibility of communicating effectively with consumers by putting to use these tools lies with the marketing team. Considering today’s technology changes, marketers need to start adopting MR technology. Mixed Reality can benefit companies in following ways as well

  • Novelty: With the mixed reality technology still new and lower penetration in the market, it is the right time for brands to take the lead.
  • Immersion: An immersive experience through AR and VR, consumers can experience the unique edge and exclusivity around the products and services.
  • Personalization: Smart phones are an extension of people themselves. The freedom to experience things on their personal device ties them closer to you thus creating brand loyalty.

This digital revolution brings us in the midst of the future. Sometimes, more than the marketing techniques it is about the medium you use to communicate your brand story.

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