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iOS 10 : what’s new for the developers

Apple is redrawing the traditions with its latest update

iOS 10 is here and brings numerous new functionalities to attract Apple mobile developers. We have picked some of the most relevant APIs for our developers’ consideration.

  • Message Framework in iOS 10

    Integration with iMessage App is another relevant iOS 10 update in the favor of developers. Developers can now create app extensions for Apple's built in message apps and let the user interact right within the app. This update even lets developers sell the app extension through the app store dedicated to iMessage.
    • Sticker Packs
      Sticker pack extension provides a set of stickers or images so that users can send the same as messages or peel off and attach to message bubbles in the transcript within the iMessage app and does not require even a single line of code.
    • iMessage Apps
      With its own App store, iOS 10 features a variety of apps and games along with the stickers. Apple lets developers build apps for iMessage which is a great tool to enhance the user experience, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Speech Recognition

    With iOS 10, developer’s ability to build intelligent apps that can be controlled via standard user interface and through new speech recognition APIs as well. Prior to this, keyboard dictation was only for developers to enable the user to interact with their applications through TextKit.

    The speech framework supports up to 50 languages in real-time or recorded speech and let’s you improve your existing localized application.

    Some points to note down before using this framework:
    • Internet connection is a must
    • It has usage limits (per-day, per-device and per-app limits)
    • It shouldn’t deal with any personal data, like passwords, credit cards or security codes
    • It must always show the recognition results before processing them
    • It should not process records for longer than 1 minute
  • User Notifications

    Apple has introduced the biggest change in iOS 10 in terms of user notifications through a framework called UserNotificationUI. It replaces the existing interfaces to handle the notification. The new framework has improved handling of user notification with both local and remote notifications. It also allows richer notifications to be sent to the users.

    This update also provides a unified notification API that works across the multiple platforms supported by Apple. These include:
    • iOS: Full support to manage and schedule notifications
    • tvOS: Badge app icons notifications
    • watchOS: Forward notifications from the user’s iOS device to their Apple Watch and gives watch apps the ability to send local notifications directly via the watch

Incorporating new and exciting features, iOS10 lets developers make richer applications with improved user experience and enhanced user engagement. Making all the right noises, Apple is doing its best to make firmware’s capabilities more user-friendly and letting developers exploit it.

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