Expanding reach of real estate sales utilizing technology and VR

Interactive online booking platform for Rohan Builders

Industry Insights

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are not new concepts. But, their implementation in various sectors is relatively new. Their combined market size is expected to grow from 5.2 Bn USD in 2016 to 162 Bn USD in 2020. Finding application across various domains, VR is increasingly being used in the real estate industry as a strong marketing and sales tool.

In order to give their buyers a real feel of the apartment, our client - Rohan Builders approached us to build an online platform to facilitate confident buying decision. Our client wanted to offer buyers the actual feeling and view of the house and enjoy real space with true dimensions.

A real time home booking web application


We designed a platform using mix of 3D Views, Real time inventory & Virtual Reality. It showcases 3D renderings of the entire project and its facilities enabling buyers across the globe to virtually inspect the entire project from the tower, floorplate down to the granular level of each flat.

Once the user selects a flat, he has the option to go through a 2D plan, a 3D plan as well as a 360-degree responsive layout of the flat. A user can enter the project in seconds with a single click and have a full-spectrum, splendid quality view of the entire property either as a predefined walkthrough or as an interactive experience embedded into the project website as per requirements. Along with this, the buyer can also book the flat using the platform by giving a token amount or express interest.

A database of registered users was made available for the admin and also the real time inventory details was made visible to the users.

Business Benefits

  • Increased engagement with the buyers
  • Increased market penetration
  • Increased number of on-the-spot bookings
  • Better Analytics

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