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Why is a promotional video for business must?

Trends 2017!

Videos and marketing go hand in hand. From the traditional videos in the 1960s to today’s evolved video experiences on YouTube, Vimeo or Vine – video has always been an essential part of the marketing activities. Being an attractive, engaging, and extremely shareable piece of content, videos provide an easy way to the marketers in order to reach their target audience.

By creating a video, you explain, educate, and engage your audience. Video marketing can help you boost your sales. A relatively unexplored kid on the block of digital marketing, it is surely a revolutionary advertising medium to look out for. A compelling brand story is what helps to connect with the audience. Whether you have B2B or B2C segment, each can be targeted effectively with the help of creative promotional videos.

From 360 degree videos to Facebook lives, marketers now understand the importance of audiences’ short span of attention. According to the research of Hubspot, approximately 78% of the people watch videos online every week and a whopping 55% watch it every day. Not having a video strategy implies that you are missing on a tremendous business opportunity.

Being an easy to digest content, a video strategy is vital. With the information overload, videos exchange information seamlessly.Being an easy to digest content, a video strategy is vital. With the information overload, videos exchange information seamlessly.

From Psychological Perspective

More and more studies over the last couple of years have shown that the people remember a video ad or a tailored advertisement. According to the YouTube Press Release, over 70 million hours of watch time has been generated. Watching a video and reading a text requires a completely different set of cognitive functions of the brain. Before making the judgment between a video and a text for your marketing strategy, it is imperative to understand the psychological aspect as well.

A human brain processes a video 60,000 times faster than the normal text. Human brains are wired to ask for easy information and have the tendency towards ‘laziness’. This leads us to process the information which is quick and easy to digest. More stress is involved in reading an article with longer attention span and deeper cognitive efforts.

But then why does reading require more energy? The reason is simple. While reading you need to create your own imagination with your own thoughts. It is an active process. On the other hand, watching a video is a passive process. Less energy and cognitive efforts are involved in it. On the contrary, you can easily fall in love with the content you watch rather than the content that you read. Videos help you to experience the pains and pleasures depicted on screen. By creating an empathetic connection and being more immersed in it, you create an emotional connection which marketers are now leveraging on.

On the other hand, unlike the other pieces of content, video can evoke feelings in the target audience. Videos help in creating trust among the masses by adding the human touch to it. Plutomen Technologies help you add a dash of creativity to amplify the curiosity in the audience's’ minds. Watching a video makes the audience more confident about the company and can help in removing the apprehensions (if any) from the customers’ mind.

From SEO Perspective

Post Google Penguin and Panda updates, SEO has shifted the focus on the quality content more than the number of backlinks. The quality content attracts the quality audience over the time period. Still neglected and underutilized, a video is a kind of content when properly channelized can help in boost the SEO rankings.

Google being the number one search engine, number two position doesn’t go to Bing, Yahoo or In fact, the number two position goes to YouTube. With over 1 billion unique visitors per month and millions of subscriptions happening daily –a video is a must-have in your SEO strategy.

The search results with videos have 41% higher click through rates. Moreover, the attention span of an average website visitor is less than 8 seconds. If a web visitor leaves your website in less than 8 seconds after viewing only a single page –your Search Engine rankings can be affected adversely. A video surely helps in increasing the time spent on a webpage thereby, increasing its stickiness.

‘Stickiness’ of a website is anything that increases the amount of time spent by a visitor on the website. Google’s algorithm loves sticky content and sticky website. It loves YouTube views and meta description which plays a vital role in lifting up your ranking.

Making the video more relevant socially help in boosting the search engine rankings as well. Social signals like shares, likes, retweets help in the overall ranking of SEO as well as content.

Higher the engagement, higher the page ranks. Higher page ranks result in the easy discoverability of the content.

Apart from the better user experience, increased stickiness of a video can also help in boosting the page authority. If a promotional video is on numerous websites allowing ‘follow-links’, back-links are generated helping improve the page and domain authority.

Numbers that matters

Forrester Research says ‘A video is worth 1.8 million words’.

It is intruding but true that if you create a brand video which is interesting and catchy, it can help you differentiate from your competition in the industry. In fact, it is even observed that by mentioning the word ‘video’ in the e-mail subject line, the open rates have improved drastically. An average increase of 13% is observed in such cases.

The audience in the age bracket of 18-34 can be easily reached via YouTube. It has more reach than TV. In fact, in 2016 alone, 8.05 Billion USD was spent on video marketing. A research done by HubSpot indicates that 64% of the users are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video.

Video marketing is always touted as the future of digital marketing and content marketing. But, the future is already here. Cisco states that 2017 will experience 69% of consumer internet traffic through videos. Looking at these numbers, there is not even an iota of doubt, that a promotional video for businesses is need of an hour.

An animated explainer video engages the target audience and would be convinced to buy the product or service sooner or later. Higher penetration of social media channels, low production costs, improved production quality, and low entry barrier are some of the factors influencing video marketing trends.

A typical user is exposed to an average 32.3 videos in a month according to the image below. The audience which consumes these videos on a mobile device shares 92% of them. The numbers don’t lie. Numerous reports suggest the huge consumption of video by the audience – which makes it one of the content to focus on.

A video success story!

One of the video marketing success stories to look at and learn from is that of RevZilla. A motorcycle gear company has produced over 1800 videos for their 17000 subscribers around the world. They have managed to generate whopping 90,00,000 total views on their video collectively.

The videos created by RevZilla were short and engaging describing the various offerings. One difference here is, these videos are not the advertisements. But, they are informative and educational in purpose. These videos helped the customers’ of RevZilla to make smart choices hence, gaining their trust. With consistent explain video production having a specific focus on their abilities as a company, RevZilla has built a loyal audience for their series of videos.

Trends to watch out for in 2017!

  • Quality v/s Quantity
    Whether you are producing an animated video or an explainer video, the quality will suppress quantity. Higher quality videos will rise above the rest all other competitors’ videos, and has an ability to become an evergreen content. This means that while investing and producing a video, it has to be right in a first round itself.
  • Multiple-Devices
    Think with Google Report states that 85% of adults between an age group of 18-49 use multiple devices simultaneously. This concludes that your video content will be easily consumed by an individual in multiple devices. Also, while devising a video marketing strategy, the multiple device and platform habit of the target audience needs to be considered. Make sure you distribute the video on as many platforms as possible.
  • Video Storytelling
    Marketing relies a lot on the storytelling. Coming years would see videos incorporating storytelling as that is how humans interact. Storytelling especially through an animated video builds excitement and nurtures relationships. By conveying the information through a story, an emotional connect is established with the audience evoking an affectionate and memorable experience.
  • Personalized Videos
    For any marketer, the bottom line is sales and ROI. Videos help in automating the complete cycle resulting in not only cost saving but also time-saving. Personalized videos pull audience towards the brand resulting in more deal closures as you make a connection with them through their mobile devices.
  • Video Retargeting
    While everyone is talking about video advertisement, few people are also focusing on video retargeting. Retargeting campaigns are effective and help in converting those who have already shown interest in the products or services. The power of video marketing and retargeting can help you reach the visitors who would never return ever otherwise.
  • Video customization
    Each platform is unique. Your audience behaves differently on the varied platforms. For an effective reach, it is vital to know each of these platforms thoroughly. Understand what kind of videos, audience will prefer on the specific platform before going live.
  • Video Storytelling
    Marketing relies a lot on the storytelling. Coming years would see videos incorporating storytelling as that is how humans interact. Storytelling especially through an animated video builds excitement and nurtures relationships. By conveying the information through a story, an emotional connect is established with the audience evoking an affectionate and memorable experience.
  • Longer video takes the crown
    A video is never too long or too short. A long video or a short video does not make any difference as long as it is engaging and provides useful content.
  • Videos are the focus
    Mark Zuckerberg announced the preferential treatment of the videos in 2016. Since now Facebook live is taking the center stage, live videos are growing with every brand trying to utilize it in some or other way. This trend definitely will steal the show and will change the dynamics of video marketing.
  • Videos without sound
    85% of the videos on Facebook are played without sound. This can be a big challenge for digital marketers. A lot of videos will be designed for this audience as well. Videos are expected to have captions and produced in such a manner that they can be viewed without sound.

The time is now!

There is a strong possibility of your competitors channelizing video marketing in some or other way. If you have not started or are still not serious about it, remember time is running out. To have a chance with your audience and eat the piece of pie, you need to take the action. This action is mandatory because the video marketing is no more an option now.

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