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What is Digital Twin technology ?

The invention of Future

What is Digital Twin?

Digital Twins is a virtual representation of a stationary object, usually machinery, in a way to bring it into the digital world. With this, we can control, modify and test it without communicating with it in the physical world and avoiding any intricacies. Digital Twins combine artificial knowledge of machines and software analytics with data to form living digital models.

The digital twin also gives information that can be used to enhance product design during the product life cycle. By using this, businesses can make specific predictions of the product's performance, decrease the cost and risk of possible difficulty and improve future advancement process. Consider it as an online stage for experimenting, creating and modifying objects that are based in reality, without battling with them in the real world.

How does a Digital Twin Work?

Firstly, thorough research is carried out on the science of a physical object in focus by a group of professionals. This information is used to build a model that can reflect the real substance in the digital space.

Once the twin is built, the sensors on it help it receive any data from its real-world twin. These sensors send the appropriate data via a system to the other side of the bridge, where the necessary insights, likely problems, or feedback are obtained with the help of data analytics. A constant flow of data is a significant plus point in maximizing the results.

Moreover, a digital twin also blends old data from past machine usage to the current data. It is a predictive study of data even before it is brought into play.

Importance of Digital Twin

With the latest advancements like automation and prediction, there is a lot of growth in the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry. Digital Twin - an extensive collaboration of these two industries with data analytics, can predict the problem long before it can occur. It's like having the power to know the future and even mould it.

For development, production and operation, the digital twin breaks old-established criteria and opens up extraordinary opportunities. The digital twin technology is a remarkable invention that benefits many businesses and industries. Innovation in business by steady customer services is yet another benefit of the digital twin. It handles customer operations and understands their demands.

The world is now moving towards robust solutions, and digital twins meet their needs. With this high-level technology, we can resolve any issue in the least time and minimum capital. It is a comprehensive way which has relatively lesser downtimes and expenses, and also allows you to maximize and control performance virtually.

Not long now, more and more companies would want to adopt a digital twin to withstand the competitive business and have profitable outcomes.

Benefits of Digital Twin Technology

  • Exclusive product design

    A digital twin helps in creating groundbreaking product design. Now, there is no need to create an expensive prototype; instead, a virtual one would replace the manufacturing process. First, the virtual model is tested and finalized. Then, the product can be easily manufactured.

  • Monitoring of product

    A digital twin tracks the product throughout its complete lifecycle. Sensors of IoT continue to send feedback now and then regarding the performance of the product. Digital twin interprets all the data, and it regularly improves the quality.

  • Predictive Maintenance Support

    After the improvements to the final product, the sensors are also helpful for predictive maintenance. Instead of presuming, when the product wants service, we could have multiple sensors monitoring the health. The continuous contact of control values to the cloud helps to identify any abnormalities quickly and with ease. They can also discover when maintenance is needed based on performance. Thus, costly and unexpected repairs can be avoided.

  • Complete information on the product

    The information provided to digital twins by the real product gives proper understanding to manufacturers about their products. It enables them to predict more than they ever could before. Through accurately created interfaces, it is easy to interact with the model and ask the what-if issues and to relate to numerous terms that are unrealistic to perform in real life.

AR/VR and the Digital Twin Technology

Digital transformation is advancing speedily, and companies are steering more technologies than ever before. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and digital twins are evolving businesses to go visual for their operations. The gift of viewing both physical and virtual surroundings is a blessing for various industries where huge machinery and other physical stuff is used. That is where digital twins, AR, and VR come to play their part.

It has become essential to combine these physical resources with IT applications and enhance operations and customer service. All these technologies require a digital replication to educate employees and help them understand better businesses, and therefore benefiting the company. It is also predicted that most of the massive industrial leaders will adopt digital twins in the later years.

Nowadays, most of the folks know about VR. It can be helpful in training, advancing worker safety, etc. where viewers can see a 3D object without it being present physically. For example, an automotive manufacturer can use VR to design and create entire vehicles in a virtual state and later send them for production.

Similarly, AR projects digital images on a screen of the real world, usually with the help of a mobile phone or a wearable. It has shown excellent progress in customer experience applications. Constructing a digital thread gives the necessary structure to use augmented reality with minimum effort and help organizations to harness all their technology handles.

When we combine technology like AR, VR, and digital twins, it will guarantee that the process and production can be thoroughly examined, preserved, and modernized by individuals and help bring a new era of ability and connectivity.

IoT and Digital Twin Technology

Digital twins are virtual representations of physical objects with all its functions and peculiarities. The base of this is just a 3D technology, but the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning have made these digital replicas extremely useful and significantly cheaper. The Internet of Things and digital twins are turning the styles of digital and physical interactions. Today's acceleration in the field of digital twins is feasible due to IoT and the low-cost of technology.

Digital twins are produced by scanners to create a digital model which resembles the real object. The real object is attached to the sensors, and sensors are connected to the IoT. These sensors gather data of the object and pass it to a cloud-hosted system where information can be processed. It enables the twin to mimic the physical object digitally, allowing it to have its analytics and know-how about the performance.

With new and modernized softwares, digital twins can often maximize the use of IoT for highest productivity. It also helps designers to discover how things should be designed before they are taken into consideration before use. Thereby, digital twins can help product manufacturers to generate better outcomes. Even businesses can utilize the information obtained from these products for active play.

Digital Twin Technology - when put into practice!

Manufacturing Sector

With the use of a digital twin in the manufacturing process, companies can create a digital model of any product that can be helpful to predict the usefulness of the final product.The process also gets a higher consistency and faster launch with an enhanced life cycle due to immediate feedback.

Digital twins' applications are spread across diverse sectors, from business management to production and supply. Companies like General Electric are making the best use of Digital Twin.

Retail Division

Digital twins open huge chances for retailers in controlling customer activities online. Applying digital twins technology in the retail division helps regulate information related to a customer on one digital floor allowing retailers to give personalized solutions to their customers. Additionally, digital twins are also used to trace products in the supply chain.

Now, retailers are involved in creating digital solutions of their stores, which includes the floor plan, setup of products, and staff location. Implementing this technology enhances the customer experience.


With Digital twins, we can render the most promising patient-centric care in the healthcare sector. Applying digital twins in healthcare helps in proffering personalized and up-to-date care to every individual. It assures making a patient's durable data record emphasized with AI-powered models that can be used in clinics and conceive the perfect result for particular procedures.

A digital twin can help virtualize a hospital system to build a safe atmosphere for patients and improve performance. Not merely operations, digital twins can also help raise the quality of health services. For example, a surgeon can use a digital twin for digital visualization of any part of the body, before operating it.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has reached new heights in their businesses with the help of digital twin technology. The digital lifespan of the gas and oil industry can be easily optimized by sidestepping the deadfalls. Besides, they help in reducing the old-fashioned processes, backing up data on engineering projects and excluding any other risks.

This technology is so advanced that the Gas and Oil industry experts can improve the utilization of plants and extend the life of the machines. Practising digital twins in the gas and oil industry shorten the real-time of the engineering solutions and is the best way of getting operational excellence.

Smart Cities

'Virtual Singapore', a part of the Singapore government's Smart Nation initiative, was the country's first digital twin in the world that created a groundbreaking impact in many market capitals.

This establishment of Singapore's digital twin formed a worldwide model for everyone as the entire region turned into a whole new level of town-planning. The benefits of building smart cities with digital twins can profoundly transform the town and assure infrastructure control with promised performance.

Winding Up!

Source:The future

Digitization brings every idea, every process, every machine, and all the things you do, together. With all these advancements in Digital twins, the technology is now implemented in diverse industries. It has been successful in making a positive influence on product features and quickening the pace of service performance.

Designing a virtual replica using this technology reduces not only cost but also profit for the customers. Thus, it has become a symbol in numerous sectors.

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