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Web Video Production

Great marketing starts with great stories

So, I was browsing through the internet the other day and came across a number of articles which referred to 2017 as the year of video or rather, the year of video marketing and advertising, to be more precise. And the stats are all out there for the world to see. Check out our recent blogpost “Why Promotional Videos for Businesses a Must? Trends 2017” for all the statistics that further legitimize this phenomenon. Although, the practice of incorporating video into a company’s online content marketing strategy has been gaining momentum for the last couple of years, it is safe to say that it is at its peak right now.

Research proves that we as visual beings, process visuals way better than just text. And what could be better than to have these visuals in motion, telling an engaging story? Consumers are viewing video content on a daily basis and the figures are staggering. If you as a business are yet to explore the world of web video production, here is a rundown into the entire process of bringing a video into existence and how can it be put to optimal use.

What video production means:

At large, video production means the creation of a video and it refers to the entire process of transforming the seed of an idea into a full fledged video. This task requires a combination of creative as well as technical skills and is time consuming in nature.But, if done with the required level of proficiency, is an extremely rewarding process.

Video production process:

The video production process is broadly the same for any kind of video be it a business marketing video, a product presentation or a commercial ad for that matter. The production process varies to a certain extent, depending on the genre of the video, the time in hand, the budget allocated to it and the message it aims to communicate.

The entire process of creating a video can broadly be divided into three phases :

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

Practically speaking, before the project is taken into the pre-production stage, there is a period of conceptualization, in-depth discussions where guidelines for the video are laid down to ensure everybody is on the same wavelength. In cases, where the client has approached a professional web video production company, he/she will usually be handed over a questionnaire to be answered in detail which ensures there is clarity on the budget allocation, the project timescale, who is their target audience for the video, what is the conclusive message they are trying to put across and multiple questions on these lines. These discussions are crucial before entering the next phase.

Pre-production stage:

This stage involves laying the groundwork for the video to make sure everything is smoothly carried out once the video goes into production phase. Planning, planning and more planning is what you seek here. This consists of:

  • Bouncing different ideas off each other
  • Script writing followed by storyboarding i.e visual planning,sequencing and layout
  • Finalizing the crew members
  • Procuring equipment required

The more comprehensive details you get into during this stage, the smoother the next two stages will become. Every minute aspect of the video needs to be put on paper, including setting deadlines relating to the completion of each phase of production. If the pre-production activities are carried out efficiently, it saves a lot of time, effort and resources during the later stages.

Production stage:

The entire outline for this process is already in place after the pre-production phase. All there is left to do now is shoot/record/create/animate and produce the material required for the desired video.The production phase incorporates music, lighting, sound, graphics into the video along with recording the voice-over, if required. Producing/creating surplus material at this stage is always advantageous as it gives the video editor more options before arriving at the final edit in the next phase.

Post-production phase:

This is when the video gets a life of its own after all the rough edges are smoothened. The post-production phase involves organising, syncing and editing the material created in the last stage, to arrive at a coherent and engaging video that the team had visualized in the initial stages of this process. An editor can make or break the effectiveness of your final product, hence, choose wisely.

Video production company offering video production services:

If you think, arriving at the final edit of the video indicates the end of the production process, you couldn’t have been any more wrong. The process only ends when all the objectives, initially set out to be achieved are within reach. Therefore, the production process concludes only when the produced video is promoted and distributed efficiently, in order for it to reach the intended demographic of the target audience.

So, let’s get things straight here.The above production procedure is certainly achievable if the client takes it up as a Do-It-Yourself project. Because why not? It is the age of video cameras, affordable equipment and software. But the catch in, inexperienced businesses producing their own videos is, even a small misstep in any of the production stages can lead to the end result losing its effectiveness and impact. So, why take the risk of ending up with a not-so-professional end product, when video production services are readily offered by professional video production companies. Plutomen Technologies, with a keen eye for storytelling and detail, ensure that the unique animated videos produced by them, effectively communicate your brand story and sway potential new customers in your favour.

Here are a few types of video production:

Corporate video production :An overwhelming majority of marketing professionals have named video to be the type of content that generates the best ROI. Business world over have taken note of this fact and have included video in their content strategy in a variety of ways, thus making corporate video production a force to reckon with. An interesting aspect of corporate videos is the versatility with which they can be used. Be it, to interact within the organisation with employees or externally with customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which corporate videos can be put to use:

  • Company profile videos :There couldn’t be a more dynamic way to present and announce your presence to all prospective clients as well as employees. Research shows, sites which include video have on average an extra two minute dwell time compared to sites which don’t. Including this video in your website’s ‘About us’ section is a bright idea.
  • Culture videos :A company’s positive work culture is a magnet of sorts attracting all the right people to it. Innovative, pathbreaking business strategies are of little use in the absence of the right, progressive culture. Do you take pride in your company’s inspiring culture and beliefs? Depict these values in an engaging video to add a humanizing touch to your brand.
  • Employee training videos :These videos are a great way to speed up the training process, make it more effective, increase productivity and at the same time ensure high degrees of staff engagement. The benefit of multiple viewings by an employee whenever the need arises is a boon. These training videos help a company to explore a bunch of creative ways to impart knowledge.
  • Other options :Customer feedback and testimonial videos, video of a user manual for a new product with practical applications and demonstrations etc.

Let your creativity bloom because there is no limit to how corporate videos can be used to communicate with the world. With the right kind of video content that is skillfully done, a company gets a distinctive voice and character for itself, which sets it apart from its competitors.

Promotional video production :A whooping 96% people have stated that they find videos helpful in making online purchase decisions whereas viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. Promotional video production helps businesses to generate awareness about their brand, product or service and further gain visibility in front of such potential customers. Additionally, you could use promo videos to bring a specific progress that your company has made, to the forefront.The possibilities of usage are endless.

Also,market research is key in such videos because delivering in conformity with customer expectations ensures higher conversion rates. Now, this brings us to the importance of choosing the right video producer, because mere video production expertise does not make the cut. A firm grasp over marketing skills is crucial to see tangible results.So it is extremely important to make a wise, informed decision in choosing a professional.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to end promotional videos with an effective yet humble call to action. You can also get inventive here by introducing giveaways, asking them to vote on a poll etc to increase engagement.

Animated video production :Okay, so yes this is more of a video ‘style’ than a video ‘type’, but yes, you get the gist. Animation can be used in any of the above mentioned types of videos to add a tone of unconventionality to it and a feeling of lightness and joy. Also, animated videos have the unique quality of simplifying and untangling concepts and ideas that are otherwise complex and difficult to comprehend. Therefore, it is no surprise why explainer videos are such a rage in today’s times. Animation brings simplicity and clarity to the forefront and therefore improves viewer engageability.

The USP of animated videos is that it successfully transports the viewer into the world, the maker intends to take him/her into. There are no limitations of the physical world and that is a liberating feeling.This style of video production is extremely relevant in the times we live in. We wouldn’t want a life altering, genius idea to not get its due just because of the complexity it involves and just because it was not presented modestly, for a layman to follow and appreciate.That’s a disheartening thought. Animation comes to our rescue in such situations be it with explainer videos on the internet or demonstrations and presentations in business meetings. Animated video production endeavours to present the most intricate and knotty concepts in the least intimidating way, to ensure that our key message reaches the target audience.

The incorporation of animation into videos can be done in a variety of ways with

  • Whiteboard animation
  • 2D motion graphics animation
  • 2.5D animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Typography animation
  • Animated doodle videos
  • Cartoon animation

… just to name a few.

Video Services :Don’t be fooled by the naysayers talking about obstructive budgets when it comes to availing video services from a professional web video production company. It is totally feasible to produce an engaging and winsome video for your business on a modest budget. Every video doesn’t have to flamboyant and flashy. All it needs to do is provide some sort of value to your business by either solving a problem or answering a burning question targeted at the your intended audience. Uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank.

Plutomen Technologies is here to help you tell your story in the most captivating way that ensures tangible results for your brand. For more guidance and information, contact us at

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