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The online push for the real estate market!

Real Estate Market

The world is undergoing an unprecedented internet revolution. Being world’s largest democracy and the second most populated country has made India centre of attraction. Every investor, company, and entrepreneur are looking forward to enjoying their share of the pie. With whooping 354 million internet users and over 900 million mobile subscriptions, e-commerce industry is currently exploding. Like every business, real estate companies are no different and few are taking their businesses online.

As one of the largest industry in India, real estate industry is expected to touch 180 Billion US Dollars by 2020 having a CAGR of 11.2% as per the reports of IBEF. Although the growth rates of real estate industry in India are amazing, there are approx 800 million sq feet of assets are unsold in the market.

With the consumers moving towards high-speed internet connectivity, smartphones, IoT, virtual and artificial reality, many real estate firms are still doing their businesses in the traditional manner. Few websites had even taken the lead in pushing real estate business over online platforms.

The buyers are investing much of their time in a pre-buying stage for evaluating and comparing the properties online. According to a research done by Google, the internet is influencing how real estate industry works. Transactions including residential and commercial properties worth 43 Billion US Dollars in India are influenced by the power of the internet.

With this potential, it is the time for real estate companies to fuel up their marketing budgets for this change in market trend. With a great growth opportunity, it is the time to reach the maximum customers online. Plutomen technologies can be your partner in achieving your goals. Some tactics to reach your audience are following:

Responsive Website

The majority of the internet users view everything on the mobile only: even the websites. Even Google loves those websites that love the mobile devices. A responsive website is a must in today’s competing market. In layman’s language, the dynamics of a website changes as the device size and resolution changes. This makes the life of your target audience easy as he or she can visit the website from any device. Moreover, numerous studies indicate that the sites having responsive designs have higher conversion rates and sales opportunities.

There is always a dearth of good content. Content that is really useful for buyers and sellers is rarely available on the internet. You and your business can become a leader in the market through a well-designed content strategy based on the local content. People are interested in the facts of the area where they live in. Statistics, Events, Schools, Neighbourhood are some of the topics to talk about. By offering the content which they would love to read, a trust is easily built. Through this trust, it then becomes easy for your business to introduce your services to the target audience.

Local Content

There are a lot of interesting forums where your target audience is networking and exploring the answers to the questions related to your industry. People ask questions about the locality, local activities, local events, property related questions like home relocating, buying and selling, etc. There are numerous things to ask and answer. By being present at these forums, answering their queries, you build a trust with them.

These discussions can be found not only on the websites like Quora but also on the websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. By finding the network where the audience is interacting, you expose your brand to them. Join the discussions, start them, start answering the question, and become a go-to person for them. It may happen that the person who started the question doesn’t become your customer, but there are a lot of other people who would view your content. Some of these viewers will convert into your customer. This activity can be started by taking 30 minutes daily.

E-mail Lists

One more way to stay ahead of your competitors is to build and utilise your e-mail list. The audience created through the content development and sharing can be further connected to their e-mail list. In order to do so, you can ask for their e-mails to receive the content especially designed and customised depending on their area. Good content coupled with e-mails makes sure that your target audience does not forget the name of your brand.


A client’s review is the best testimonial about your services and a great marketing tool ever. Your target audience would refer to numerous websites before going ahead with you. Make a compiled list of all the websites where you can list your business and its services. Do not leave any opportunity to ask the clients for reviews. Encourage them to write reviews on the website where you are listed on, or on the website, they found you on, or on Google and social media handles. You can also use these reviews on your websites as well. Not necessary that your clients would write the review themselves, create a small and concise questionnaire through Google form. You can also make the questionnaire for multiple services that you offer.

Social Media Handles

Be present on the social media platforms where your customers are. Social media is a great tool to interact, engage, and network with the target audience. Some major platforms to be present on are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. You can also utilise WhatsApp for your marketing and branding activities. Optimise each of the profile in order to reach the audience. Cover photos and display pictures play an important role in optimisation of the social media handles. Make sure your all details are duly filled. Highlight your USP or main service in the cover photos.

Your website link or contact number should be easily available through your social media handles. Interact with them through messages and answer the queries through your company’s social media platforms.

Reaching your target audience is easy with online platforms. Utilise the power of the internet to give yourself an edge over the competitors. Plutomen Technologies can be your partner in the growth.Plutomen Technologies can be your partner in the growth. Get in touch with us at

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