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The Digital Eyes of the New Digital World - Virtual Reality

VR in Training

In the advanced world of fast-developing technologies and increasing complications, practical training has become imperative for both employers and employees. There is an entire load of research that confirms that if you are a human and you interact with something in 3D, rather than just looking at it on a piece of paper, you understand it much more thoroughly and radically. It's just the way that our minds are cabled. And there's a significant need for this method for more productive training. Perhaps you would already have come across the term 'Professional training through VR.' Now, what exactly is this VR?

What is VR?

For our brain, whatever we see in VR is nearly identical to reality. It means that everything you see and experience in VR is highly capable of evoking change in your brain. VR training is not about reading or viewing slides; it is about feeling that real taste from our brain's viewpoint. Not only is it exciting, but it also creates plenty of other opportunities for testing, for knowledge and for being led by tutorials, and much more.

Virtual Reality - VR, allows people to train in environments that contrarily are impossible — far too dangerous, far too costly. In a nutshell, workers can undergo life-and-death situations that are unlikely to recreate in real life securely. So, does it lessen the expenses? And is there any proof of its effective performance? The answer is yes, and now you'll know why.

Reasons why you should choose VR training right now!

VR is extremely helpful in learning a lot of new stuff. It can transform the definition of training because it proposes a fantastic learning experience.

'Amazing! You know it's not real, but it certainly feels real.'

That taste of reality is the secret seasoning that training courses nowadays need. Involving VR Training in your company may sound a long-shot, especially if you're new to it, but it's worth it.

  • Improves the grasping of knowledge.

    We can barely remember what we had for breakfast this morning, and thus remembering what we studied in training six months ago is a waste of time. VR training has proved to help people in learning in a better way what they’ve learned.

  • Can save you some bucks!

    You may be startled to know that VR Training can save your money compared to traditional learning courses. It makes sense that flying the actual plane for training would cost much more. For that, we have VR!

  • Helps decrease workplace disasters.

    New employees in a company are more likely to suffer an injury. To overcome this, companies can use VR training to resemble actual work conditions and teach them well. Some research has revealed that VR can effectively increase workplace safety.

  • Enhances retention rates.

    If learners pay attention while learning, later, they will correctly remember it. The VR training gives proper exposure to the trainee and keeps them concentrated on everything around him/her. Thus, it will be simpler to identify the same situation later in real life and decide the best move.

Nowadays, notable companies from all over the globe like Verizon, Walmart, Ford, etc. are enthusiastically spending on VR training. Not just these multinational companies, but the military, medical field, and aerospace researches too. This characteristic of virtual reality has spread in various industries at a shooting speed. Let's catch a glimpse of a few examples of virtual reality training.

VR Training in Manufacturing Industry

VR Training in Manufacturing

Source: Airbus

VR Training in Manufacturing is another division where it is drawing attention. It now allows them to try a virtual visualization of the production process of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and carry out a detailed study of possible encounters long before they can occur. It means that engineers can monitor whether the drill or the cutter, for instance, clashes with other parts or accessories during the machining process, which herpes them to avoid any catastrophes.

VR Training in Military Domain

VR Training in Military

Source: Military

The military is using the all-new virtual reality principle, which, with its enhanced abilities, helps them get combat-ready for the on-duty live fire, the live rounds shooting on high caliber weaponry, etc. Besides, it has proved to be a cheaper way than going out for practice. With its 3D graphics, it feels like they are on the ground and get to understand from a 360-degree point of view what they have done, which would not be possible in reality. They are gradually sweating on it, trying to fulfill it to the best of their capability, and also have made noteworthy progress now.

VR Training in Medical Segment

VR Training in Medical Segment

Source: Healthcare

Working with surgeons is crucial, and improving patient safety demands enough care and confidence, which comes from sound training. However, the current arrangements are expensive and incapable. It is time for a new strategy. Thus, the medical field is wholeheartedly welcoming virtual reality training in their courses. Perhaps they have been adding VR rooms as well. What is fabulous about this virtual reality room is that it provides surgeons and radiologists to visualize their medical image data sets. They can stroll around; they can grab something and relocate it; also, turn 360 degrees so that they have a better look at the scene. It gives them a portable operating room, which is cost-effective while providing the facility for doctors to feel how their tools and devices will work with the actual patient. So, this is the new reality; this is the Virtual reality.

VR Training at Schlumberger Oil Company

VR Training at Schlumberger Oil Company

Source: Industry

The international oil company Schlumberger has now switched from traditional training programs to virtual reality training, where you can mimic working with equipment in many conditions. It provides a variety of features and situations from picking the proper protective tools and studying heavy equipment to training in oil wells without hitting the job flow and without endangering the lives of other employees. Schlumberger has around 2,000-2500 employees who undergo monthly training, so each VR course is used frequently, and it is worth it.

VR Training at Ford

The automobile industry is also racing to implement VR in their training sessions. Ford claims that these training courses have reduced some extremely critical movements and positions throughout the installation of complicated parts to a great extent. It has also helped to lessen the medical insurance claims due to injuries up to 75%. As a result of this digital training of the workers and their association with life-threatening acts, the company has sketched some instructions for employees for their better performance. Besides, 3D virtual reality allows designers to build a more human-centric vehicle design. In an interview, one of Ford's representatives stated that jumping directly to a 3D model and skipping the 2D stage has enabled designers to fasten the process from months to days. To create a scalable vehicle, they can even walk inside the vehicle sketch to quickly modify the designs. Ford has thus determined that virtual reality technology is promising enough for them to build their own VR lab.

VR Training at Walmart

VR Training at Walmart

Source: walmart

Walmart created a captivating learning course for its employees, known as NextGen. They recreated many different training situations in VR and used the program across 200 of Walmart's academic institutions to train over 150,000 employees a year. One such sight was a stress handling training of Black Friday sales to educate employees on how to act competently in a crucial situation. Walmart proclaimed that 70% of employees who used VR training performed better than the group that did not use virtual reality. The overall training satisfaction score inscribed by these employees was also 30% higher than those who did regular training.

The future of learning is Virtual Reality!

The future of learning is Virtual Reality

Source: VR is Future

While the future of learning is here, the businesses are beginning to show energy and shift for the better, and it works. Virtual reality has shown its power for training purposes, and we cannot disregard all the beautiful examples where VR proved to be a lifesaver. We would also love to catch the stories of how virtual reality has remodeled your business.

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