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The affordable smart speakers face off

Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot

The smart home is still considered a luxury by a lot of consumers. With Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, the smart home technology has become affordable. From Alexa and Google Home, Echo Dot and Mini are affordable choices. The companies are now battling on the various fronts as well. But, neither of two is going to suit everyone’s demands. Both can contact friends and family, be an assistant in the kitchen, play your favourite songs and give the information that you need.

So who is the winner among them and which device you should buy? Let’s find out!


Echo Dot and Home Mini, both are compact sized and have duct like designs and round edges along with the mesh fabric on the outside. Both the devices comes with different colour options. Echo Dot comes in Charcoal and Heather Grey and Sandstone colours, while Home Mini comes in Charcoal, Chalk, and Coral colour shades.

Amazon Echo Dot has a LED that lights up in blue when Alexa is listening to your commands / instructions. It becomes red when the device is on mute. There are two physical buttons given on Echo Dot that controls volume, a mute button, and a button to activate Alexa.

On the other hand, Google Home Mini also has physical volume control buttons, and a button to turn on and off the device. A LED that indicates whether Google Assistant is listening or not which is a little difficult to see in the dark environments.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot

Audio Quality

Both Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini fails to replace a good quality speaker. But, both of them definitely play soft music. Alexa’s voice is loud enough to hear it across the rooms.

Amazon Echo Dot has cleaner and clearer sound as compared to Home Mini. Overall, Amazon Echo Dot has a much clearer, cleaner sound than the Home Mini. Amazon Echo Dot also has superior sound quality as well when compared with Home Mini.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot is a clear winner here.

Smart Home Performance

Smart home devices can be controlled via both Alexa and Google Assistant. But, both of them do not have a smart-home hub. Hence, for the devices that are not Wi-Fi enabled, Echo Plus or Samsung’s Smart Things may be required.

Currently, Alexa automatically scans and detect new devices around. On the other hand, to connect with Google Assistant, the device manufacturer is to be selected followed by certain instructions. Hence, it is easy for smart-home devices to be integrated with Alexa as compared to Google Mini.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot

Voice Assistant

Alexa and Google Assistant are similar in the day-to-day tasks. For instance, dialling contact of your friends and family from the contact list in your phone, booking a cab for you, ordering your favourite food from your favourite restaurant, setting alarms and reminders for you so that you don’t miss on anything important.

But, Google Assistant flairs over Alexa in terms of complex activities. Google Assistant gives directions, can pull / fetch data, help you with public transport comfortably and is better at voice recognition as well.

Winner: Google Home Mini


For the microphone, it is difficult to judge which is better. Mics of both Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini can understand you easily. There is no noticeable significant difference in the performance of the both speakers.

Winner: Tie. No clear winner.

A quick comparison of Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot


Which one should you buy: Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot?

There cannot be a clear winner between Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. But, certainly, Echo Dot is ahead of Home Mini in terms of overall functionality.

With an investment of around INR 2999, any of these devices are not a bad investment at all. These devices are going to get better and smarter with time and hence, it is the best time to invest in these devices.

Hiren Kanani Chief Technical Officer

A resident wizard for iPhone, iPad, Objective-C, Swift, Unity 3D, AR, VR, AR Kit Development and Xcode App Development. Nothing gets him more obsessed than a tricky coding problem or the challenge of finding a more efficient way to deploy a technology solution.