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Product Explainer Video

An Effective Tool To Make A Lasting Impact

We live in a fast moving, dynamic world and keeping a person on the other end, engaged, in any form of communication, is not an easy task. And if this person is a potential customer with a zillion options available in the market at his disposal, the task gets all the more taxing. We have gone past the days when people read long paragraphs about a product on the company’s website. According to a research by Microsoft, the average attention span of an internet user is close to 8.25 seconds, which is actually lower than that of a goldfish. We are easily distracted and that, my friend, is not pleasant news for any marketer. You, as a business owner, have a limited amount of time to engage a website visitor and communicate your product story. Therefore,ever since the concept of explainer videos, within the realms of video marketing, has picked up steam, there has been no looking back. A product explainer video is by far the most effective way in which a company can put forward the various features, benefits and problem-solving uses of the product it intends to sell, in a visually appealing way.

Explainer Video Definition:

An explainer video is a brief video, usually animated, that explains a business plan, product, brand or process in an easy, appealing and captivating way, by using simple and crisp language with pleasing visuals that attract a viewer’s attention. They are informative as well as educational. These videos are put to use by companies to explain their offerings in simple terms and also highlight how their product or service will solve their customers’ problems.Now, that is a pretty foolproof explainer video definition.

Explainer video production:

The explainer video production process breaks down complex and sometimes dull ideas, extracting the main essence in them and then converts it into a short, charming and shareable video that will engage, enlighten, persuade and most importantly convert your audience into potential customers.

Where can an explainer video be used?

They can be used and placed in a variety of creative ways to boost conversions, expand engagement and ultimately grow your business. If you thought adding an explainer video to the homepage or landing page of your website is the only way to put it to use, think again.

  • A homepage video is an excellent tool to showcase what your brand stands for and communicate your uniqueness.
  • A landing page video complementary to the objective of the page is proven to be much more engaging than plain text descriptions. It’s a sure shot way to increase the average visit time on the website. Owing to the ‘specifics’ it displays compared to a homepage, a video on the landing page ensures the viewer is far less distracted than it potentially is on the home page because of the latter’s varied range of navigational options. A visible Call-to-action button at the end of the video is a must.
  • Placement of an explainer video on the homepage or landing page come with a wide set of benefits and that cannot be denied. But that’s not all there is to it. The ways in which such videos can be repurposed/reinvented and used on other platforms are innumerable.
  • In your Emails:Communication via emails is a top-rated medium and adding a video to it will boost its effectiveness by a great amount. You can also add the video in question, to your email signature to promote the visibility of it in a subtle way. Research has proved that adding ‘video’ in the email subject is a tried and tested way to boost open rates as well as click-through rates by a significant margin.
  • On your Blog:Blog posts are usually text heavy and incorporating an explainer video in between the overwhelming amount of text is a great way to hold the reader’s attention and interest in an audio-visual form. This will also boost the SEO efforts of the organisation by way of a better ranking in the SERP’s owing to the incorporation of video content.
  • On social media platforms: Facebook videos in today’s times have a far greater viral reach than YouTube links. Instagram, since it solely caters to images and videos, is a relatively lesser explored medium to promote explainer videos. One immensely positive feature of content in the video format is its shareability and social media boosts this feature to another level taking the interaction and engagement up a few notches. Twitter, Vimeo, Vine etc can be your playground to promote your brand, product or service.
  • In Employee trainings: Imagine going through the ordeal of explaining complex new mechanisms and concepts to employees, changes in company policies or even generic directives for that matter, from time to time. All this can be made simpler and smoother by incorporating explainer videos in such training programs and also use it as a mode to encourage and inspire the staff of your company.
  • At tradeshows, conferences, summits and other forums: Explainer videos can be used to gain attention at such events and introduce your ideas, product or service to any potential investors or clients as well as customers. Including these videos into your presentations and sales pitches gives you a great kickstart, thanks to the captivating and persuasive quality of such videos.

The above methods to gain visibility and reach, through your explainer videos, are just the tip of the iceberg that lies below. It can go as far as your imagination takes you.

App Explainer Video:

Let’s take the example of the app explainer video created by us at Plutomen Technologies. This explainer video for the Life Assist mobile app by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance team, is a vibrant animation for explaining the features of the application which transforms the manual process of purchasing insurance policies.

This app explainer video not only throws light on the multiple features of the mobile app, but it also effectively addresses the various difficulties that a customer faces in the current scenario dependent on manual procedures. It further highlights how this application will help the customer get rid of those difficulties. It is extremely important for an explainer video to not just talk about the features but to explicitly state the advantages of the product along with the solutions it offers and we at Plutomen Technologies understand that very well and incorporate it in all our videos.

Additionally, an app explainer video comes handy to be used as an ‘App preview’ on the IOS App store which now allows app pages to have quick 30 second videos to help customers get a better understanding of the app thus encouraging further downloads. You are allowed 3 app previews on a single product page, so imagine the amount of interest that can be sparked in 90 seconds (30x3). As stated above, the platforms waiting to be utilised to market your videos are plenty, you just need to take the plunge.

Animated Explainer Video:

So, let us assume the benefits of explainer videos have convinced you to go ahead and get one made for your business. Now, arises the problem of choosing from the wide range of options available. One such option is to go with animation. You may ask us why? Yes, animation is just one of the many visual techniques available. Let us give you some advantages to an animated explainer video as compared to a live-action explainer video.

  • Animated Explainer Video pricing: Animated videos cost way less than live action videos of the same scale. This is just an added bonus to the otherwise numerous benefits that animation brings along. Mind you, the fact that animated explainer video pricing is lesser than the live action ones, in no way takes away anything from its ‘conversion’ rewards and other merits. The cost of actors, crew, props, location etc in live action videos, adds to the price label.
  • Illustrative capacity: This power which comes with animation to harmonize the most difficult to interpret,intricate concepts with simple and engaging motion graphics, is its greatest strength over real video. Quick and simple is the way to go.
  • Absence of real world limitations and trappings: It is possible to visualize any kind of information in the virtual world and you can let your imagination fly.There are no boundaries to limit you. To make sure your product, brand or service is presented with the best storyline, you can get inventive with the characters, locations, time period etc and make sure to tickle the fancy of the viewer in a way that strikes a chord.
  • Humanize a brand: Animation instills emotions into a brand and this makes sure that the video stays in the memory of the viewer for a longer duration when compared to other live-action videos. Emotion has proven to be a key contributing factor when it comes to buying decisions of a consumer. With animation the entire focus shifts to the storytelling aspect of the brand and this is so crucial.

Plutomen Technologies recognises the fact the sometimes it becomes imperative for a brand to feel the need to showcase a real person in the video and why not? Animated explainer videos and the live-action ones are not mutually exclusive and can be used in tandem. They go together perfectly and this gives the viewer the best of both worlds.

Take a look at the process explanatory 2D Infographics video produced by us for our client, describing various sustainable agricultural practices plus the urgency and relevance of it in today’s world. In addition to the 2D animation work, the video combines the footage of the company’s promoter giving his views on the subject.

Process Explanatory 2D Infographics video

Explainer video company in Gujarat: Plutomen Technologies Private Limited has managed to carve a niche for itself as a trusted explainer video company in Gujarat, in a short span of time. We believe in creating unique video content for you, as per your branding guidelines and target audience with great attention to the craft and detailing involved in the process. For more information, contact us at

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