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Plutomen is thrilled to be nominated among the best companies in IoT-AR-VR by GESIA.

At the 2018 Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit.

Ever since we started Plutomen, we’ve been working hard and developing solutions that keep our clients excited and on top of their business markets, so that they stay ahead of the competition through the latest innovations.

From day one, our top priority has been to design and develop solutions that are next generation. We strive for perfection that becomes self-evident. We help our clients chart new grounds with the latest tools technology can build, so that they can focus on what they do the best.

Our strong product and service ethics has been recognised at different times by various organisations and our clients too. This time, it is none other than, GESIA, the association of IT industries in Gujarat. They had chosen Plutomen as one of the Best companies working on IoT-AR-VR. GESIA has been recognising the best products in various industries’ space for the last 20 years.

This recognition means a lot, the excited is nothing less than been getting the award itself. The award nomination was announced at the Vibrant Gujarat Startup and Technology Summit 2018 for our AR-powered full-featured E-commerce platform – EcomARcio.

EcomARcio can be used at home or office, indoor or outdoor. Shoppers on the platform can choose products and variants from the retailer's catalogue and use AR to visualize them in real-world settings.

This solution will be the game-changer for e-commerce platforms because it will -

  1. reduce product returns since customers will be buying these items after seeing how they will fit in with their existing environments
  2. increase sales since customers will have greater confidence about the product they are buying (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get)
  3. accommodate as many products and variants as needed
  4. work with all major payment gateways and enterprise systems

Product returns due to environment mismatch is one of the biggest problems for e-commerce stores across the world. We've addressed this problem through the use of AR, which can depict an item as it would look in the exact environment it will be placed in (instead of relying on staged, heavily-edited product photos), as well as giving the customer the ability to customize the item's configuration to suit their requirements and order it as smoothly as possible.

We couldn’t be happier than this as our platform has been recognized both by technology experts and customers.

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