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Plutomen – 2019 year in review and action plan for 2020

Taking extended reality to the work floor.

2019 was an excellent year for Plutomen. In the year 2019, we identified the most important sectors and domains and decided to focus more on refining our products and solutions for those sectors and domains. Besides, we participated in multiple events and won many awards.

Before we dive deeper into our vision for 2020, let’s have a brief look at what we achieved in 2019 and how we are planning to continue striving for success this year.

  1. Decided to focus more on products and solutions

    Before the year 2019, we were heavily into providing VR and VR related services to our clients. The AR and VR industry is services focused industry. Whoever wants to survive and grow, needs to provide services to the client.

    After having a firm grip on the services model, we decided to reduce our dependency on services and expand our offerings. In 2019, we introduced our products and solutions to the market, named VNotes and Plutomen ARMS.

    VNotes is an AR-based app allowing the user to tag virtual sticky notes to an object. Plutomen ARMS is an end-to-end solution for providing an AR-based real-time remote assistant. We are glad to see the adoption we received from our client for our new offerings.

  2. Identified the sectors and domains we want to focus

    Use-cases and target audience for AR and VR are immense and limitless. In the year 2018 and 2019, we served clients that are into education, eCommerce, Real Estate, and Tourism. The services and technologies helped them with sales, marketing, and training. However, AR and VR technologies deliver intangible benefits to such businesses.

    On the other hand, eXtended Reality technologies deliver tangible benefits to industrial sectors and ROI can be measured easily. Hence, based on our expertise and areas of specialization, we narrowed down what industries benefit the most and optimized our products and solutions for those.

    In the year 2020 and beyond, we will be serving clients that are into Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Healthcare, Utility, and renewable energy. Our products aim to improve MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) practices of the organizations whereas our solutions are aimed towards training and industrial usage.

  3. Participated in widely known exhibitions and presentations

    Apart from delivering exceptional products and solutions to the clients, we participated in various exhibitions and presentations to demonstrate our solutions and products we are working on.

    At Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019, we participated in the Futuristic Technology Exhibition. We were thrilled to be part of the Industry 4.0 Summit hosted by NASSCOM’s Centre of Excellence along with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

    In the same year, we presented our solutions to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad (Hon’ble Union Minister for Communications and IT) at Launch of NASSCOM Center of Excellence for IoT and AI. Our Director, Keyur Bhalavat, was one of the eminent speakers at DCB Innovation Carnival on the topic of XR for Business.

    At the India Mobile Congress event, we showcased our products and solutions. Moreover, our story was also featured in the Times of India for success and upcoming products.

  4. The year of awards and recognitions from industry leaders

    The awards we received in the year 2019 made our year even more successful. In the Vibrant Startup and Technology Summit 2019, we were fortunate enough to receive two awards. We won GESIA Award (Rising Star) for the Best National Level IOT-AR-VR Product -Solution. Besides, we were awarded as 2nd runner-up for IDEAThon 2019 (Manufacturing 4.0 )

    Moreover, we were shortlisted by DCB Bank as India's one of the most innovative startups for the year 2019-20 in DCB Innovation Carnival. Besides, we also received a “Certificate of Recognition” from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry under the Startup India program. But we didn’t stop here! We also participated in the Futuristic Technology Exhibition and received a certificate of participation.

Plutomen’s vision for the year 2020

Manufacturers are facing a shortage of skilled and experienced workforce. Besides, Manufacturing businesses keep searching for new methods to reduce costs, enhance the efficiency of their processes and improving their manufacturing process.

As AR and VR are helping businesses to overcome these challenges, we are also gunning for making a significant contribution in this regard. We wish to continue our progress and success in the new year and the new decade. Plutomen’s plan for 2020 is to make extended reality technology reach the work floor. Let’s dive deeper into what we are planning to achieve in the year 2020.

  1. Being part of the mainstream adoption of AR and VR technology

    According to a PwC survey, the adoption of AR and VR in the manufacturing industry is growing steadily. If we talk about US manufacturers, 23.3% are already using VR or have plans to it shortly.


    Besides, 18.2% of US manufacturers have plans to implement AR technology in the next three years. As a leading enabler of AR and VR technology, we plan to help leaders transform their businesses through XR in the year 2020 through our offerings. Let’s have a detailed look at that.

  2. Addressing the critical business needs via our products and solutions

    As the new technology is becoming mainstream, business is finding ways to transform their business. By adopting AR and VR based solutions, companies can train their workforce, reduce costs, and make their business operations more efficient.

    For 2020 and beyond, we are ready with our cutting-edge products and impactful solutions to help businesses revolutionize the way they function.

    Our newest offering, Plutomen VNotes, is helping businesses to quickly exchange critical information and assign tasks using virtual sticky notes.

    Plutomen ARMS (Augmented Reality based Machine Servicing) is an end-to-end solution for remote assistance. Using ARMS, technicians, and engineers can give answers, identify issues and provide real-time remote support. This also eliminates the need for travel, reduces repair and maintenance costs.

  3. Focus more on the MRO segment

    MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. These three domains benefit the most from extended reality solutions. If we take an example, Boeing is VR technology in the product design phase of their new aircraft. They don’t need to build a full-scale physical model to replicate real-life scenarios.

    They test and refine their models in VR and only build a few final prototypes for wind tunnel testing. Boeing saved millions of dollars and reduced training time by 75%.

    As business functioning in MRO segments is likely to benefit the most, we are focusing more making our products highly optimized for their use-cases. The solutions we offer will be more impactful in solving their business problems.

  4. Offer our products and solutions in SaaS model

    Compares to a one-time purchase model, SaaS comes with multiple benefits for businesses. SaaS model is financially more preferred and beneficial model for companies who plan to use AR and VR for the long term.

    To help organizations focus more on the business, we will be offering VNotes, ARMS, and other offerings in the SaaS model. SaaS comes with lower initial costs, reduces time to benefit, and suitable for scalability and integration. Businesses will be able to achieve higher ROI.

  5. Go beyond geographical boundaries

    Leading companies have expanded their reach, business, and operations to multiple countries. Term “rest of the world” has become “most of the world” in today's global mindsets and practices.

    In the year 2020, we have an action plan ready to go beyond India and offer our products on a global scale. We are looking forward to collaborate with agencies across the globe to achieve a worldwide presence and a global clientele. Apart from serving global clients, we will be expanding physically by having our presence in key parts of the world.

AR and VR will help businesses to improve productivity and efficiency

AR and VR are helping MRO segment businesses to create a better-skilled workforce, improver worker safety, reduce pre-manufacturing costs. As the adoption will increase in the future, we are looking forward to helping manufacturing, maintenance, and construction companies to make the most out of these technologies.

Are you planning to transform your business in 2020?

As a leading Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality product company, we love to deliver extended reality solutions help you improve your business. Our team is skilled in providing solutions and experiences that inspire, inform, and educate users. If you are looking for a reliable provider for AR and VR solutions, contact us or send us an email.

Keyur Bhalavat Founder and Director

A young entrepreneur full of intellectual energy and concern that transform into an untiring center of knowledge seeking, unafraid of exploring new and fresh ideas however challenging they may happen to be in the field of technology.