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New Augmented Reality trends we expect to see in 2019

The future is AR, it's going to be a top trend in 2019

For the world of Augmented Reality, 2018 has been a big year. A number of predictions were made about the growth of augmented reality technology . Some of them came true and some are anticipated to be true in 2019. Last year saw the adoption of augmented reality in the form of various content. It was easier for customers to access AR experiences through smartphones.

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Reflection of Augmented Reality Technology Trends of 2018:

1. The increasing interest of the major players in Augmented Reality

2017 saw numerous big players strengthen their Augmented Reality offerings. Apple had announced ARKit which was followed by Google’s ARCore. It was predicted that in 2018, this trend will continue and the investment in the technology will ramp up.

As predicted, bigger players did ramp up the investment in the augmented reality technology. The challenge now will be to help various brands and industries to implement the technology according to their needs and demands.

2. More immersive experiences by the brands through contextually relevant content

With the increasing interest in augmented reality technology, it was predicted that 2018 will see brands using augmented reality technology creatively. The brands know that the customers are willing and eager to learn about their stories.

The year of 2018 saw various brands listen to their customers and give them an immersive experience through augmented technology application.

3. Connected Packaging Marketing Channel

The most powerful communication channel of a brand in terms of engagement and measurement is its own owned media. It was predicted that in 2018, brand owners will use connected packaging to drive direct dialogue and communication with their customers.

4. Usage of Augmented Reality in Learning and Development

The opportunity in learning , development and training field through augmented reality technology is huge. Numerous examples are there to show how immersive learning can help to understand the difficult problems and concepts, improve efficiency to complete the tasks and much more.

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Looking forward to 2019 for Augmented Reality:

1. Enterprise AR solutions not restricted to mobile only

According to the studies, enterprise AR customers are interested in deploying the augmented reality technology on smartphones and tablets. But, do not want to restrict to these devices. Beyond mobile devices, enterprise AR customers also look forward to the smart glasses.

2. The rise of mobile web AR

There are numerous brands that are interested in augmented reality technology but they cannot invest in a mobile application. They may resort to social media applications with AR features. But, these applications can give them reach but may not always meet the brand’s objectives. They may not meet the strategic needs of a brand and be always contextually relevant. Here, rich and immersive AR experiences, if can be delivered to mobile web pages, then businesses can reach their customers and have more control over their content.

3. Fierce competition among FMCG brands to tell their stories

Creativity with the connected packaging of content is the first step. Brands especially FMCG are needed to share their stories more creatively and make it more memorable.

4. Hardware will become more powerful

Augmented reality hardware and especially smart glasses need deep pockets, long term commitment to innovation and to the customers. The demand and the supply for the hardware is not easy to maintain. This year, we will see new players entering the market with some exciting options. Some players may also drop out of the market. It will be vital for the companies planning an investment in AR to ensure that their solutions can work and adapt with various devices considering whatever changes hit the market.

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What Experts Are Saying?

Various research analysts have made their predictions for augmented reality in 2019. Principal research analyst at Gartner Tuong Huy Nguyen has highlighted that this year some early success can be seen for AR in enterprises. It will gain more traction as compared to the general consumer based augmented reality solutions. The Enterprise AR solutions will be built for a purpose to address a specific business need. It can be anything from architectural walkthroughs to certain abilities in remote meeting or presentation.

Market foresight advisory ABI research has indicated that the market of augmented reality will grow exponentially over coming years and reach USD 116 billion by 2023. This will include devices, software, content, platforms, licensing, and more. ABI principal analyst Eric Abbruzzese observes that enterprise augmented reality will be next big thing this year.

On the other hand, International Data Corporation (IDC)’s conclusion in their December 2018 update predicts the spending on augmented reality in 2019. It predicts that training through augmented reality will establish itself with a market of 1.8 Bn USD, also, online retail showcasing industry is estimated to reach 558 Bn USD and industrial maintenance is expected to reach 413 Bn USD. IDC has also predicted that in long term, industrial maintenance will grow bigger than gaming in 2022 with Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 119.2%.

Wrapping Up

Most businesses adopt the technologies that are 3 to 5 years old as it takes time to propagate through their entire structure. An upswing in the augmented reality space is expected. Augmented Reality technology is growing and developing on its own. No other technology lets you visualize real-life products as AR does. By 2025, most of the business will have adopted augmented reality in some way or other in their businesses.

An era of storytelling is inevitable in this age of information and experiences. The truth is that the customers are also intrigued with the immersive experiences of augmented reality technology. The real loss for the businesses will be when they do not enable their products and experiences for the users to connect seamlessly through their devices.

Augmented Reality has been rising in the shadow of other technologies for many years. But, 2019 is going to be the year, when augmented reality technology will come out of the shadow and shine!

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