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Modex 2020 : The Survival Guide

Everything You Need to Know before You Go

For anyone making you believe that trade shows are a bygone story, do a small favour on yourself, ignore and move ahead. Participating in a trade show is an excellent step for enterprises to witness their evolving industry, explore new technology, and have a deeper understanding of their vendors and competitors. It is a platform that is perfect for enticing the audience and increasing sales.

Though trade shows are more than just registering one’s presence in the event. A company needs to have a proper plan and not feel lost or pressurised under the weight of the numerous possibilities that exist. In case you are attending or thinking of participating in MODEX 2020, a pre devised plan can ease the confusion and facilitate one to get the most out of this conference. The manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries are going through a time of radical and unparalleled revolution. As these businesses continue to accelerate, the future will be governed by innovation, of our industry depends on today’s progressive decisions along with technology.

What is MODEX?

One of the biggest manufacturing and supply chain expo, MODEX brings together industry professionals to showcase ground-breaking solutions. Powered by the Material Handling Industry (MHI), this expo offers buyers from the U.S and around the world to discover trailblazing technology, to witness the current trends, and develop new contacts. It is scheduled to be held at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center from March 9th-12th.

Ways to Ensure that You’re Visit at MODEX is a Success

Early Planning and

So, you have decided that you will be participating, and the exhibit space has been purchased. You need to understand that to make the most out of this expo, it’s essential that you start planning as soon as possible. By starting early, you’ll have time to take care of every aspect. Other than this, learn more about the exhibitors, show attendees, trends, and topics, etc. The better and in-depth the research, the better would be the final plan.

Cruising through the
Priority List

The number of exhibitors varies depending on the scale of the event. Supposedly you will be attending a conference with 500+ exhibitors; it’s impossible to visit all the booths. Hence, it’s vital to make a list of exhibitors related to your industry. For companies with large teams, they can divide their teams for different exhibitions. This way, you will be able to maximise the most out of your visit. The main focus should be on visiting booths/companies that can help accelerate your business.

Networking and Meeting
Prime Prospects

Anyone who has been a part of trade shows would know how chock-a-block they can turn out to be. Juggling between managing your own business, attending sessions, eating, observing exhibits, and other activities can be hectic. Despite all of this, we cannot deny that it is the best platform and chance to have face to face meetups with vendors, clients, and colleagues. It may lead to unbelievable opportunities one had no clue about. Those of you who wish to meet a specific company or person should connect with them way ahead of the conference. With everyone having a jam-packed schedule, it might become difficult for the company to find time for you.

Educational Seminars

It is indeed true that exhibiting your products and networking are essential, but it would be a sheer waste to be unable to attend educational sessions. One has to find some time for these seminars. With 150+ seminars, there is so much to learn from MODEX. Various industry experts share their views on important issues and topics which should not be missed at any cost. These open pathway towards new perspectives, technology, and motivate us to dream big.

Download the

Instead of getting too much information or wasting time inquiring others, an easy method is to download the MODEX app Android or iOS. You can get all the necessary details at one single place anytime, anyplace.
You can glance through the list of the exhibitors which can help you plan who you wish to meet, which booths to visit, or which lectures to attend. Moreover, you can use a floor map to avoid getting lost and even directly send messages to other attendees with the app.

The Element of Fun

We know it isn’t a vacation, but you’ve come so far. A lot of efforts and expenses have gone into the event. So, you better don’t forget to have fun. Honestly, it isn't only about the expenses, but there’s more to it. Events such as MODEX are grand scale which can be tiring and suck all your energy. With so much of hard work, dedication, sleepless nights, and preparation, you deserve to have some moments to unwind around MODEX and nearby areas. It will help you revitalise and take away all that stress you’ve been going through.

Getting Around

For those who are new to the Atlanta city area, research beforehand the quickest and easiest mode to travel to and from the airport, conference, and hotel. By having information prior to your arrival will make you better prepared without a tinge of confusion. One can also refer to city maps to know which could be the best way to commute. Also, it is integral to know about the peak hours and plan your itinerary based on that.
Apart from this, there are taxis, shuttle bus service, and Atlanta’s bus and rail system, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). As imperative as reaching the conference, you need to be aware of navigating the showroom floor. Usually, a map and brochure is provided upon arrival, but the building map shared below can be useful too.

Care for Yourself

Walking continually for days during the expo can affect your feet. Therefore, wear comfortable shoes that can provide comfort, and you can easily move around without having to face sore feet. Always take out time to have food on time and plenty of water to keep your energy levels at peak at any time of the day.

Plutomen at MODEX 2020

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