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measARe - AR Measurement Tool

Your personal AR Measurement Tool

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already changing how houses and properties are being bought, sold, marketed, remodelled and upgraded across the globe. These technologies’ place not only in real estate business but also in other industries is easy to envision.

The primary challenge for VR, however, is still the high cost of the hardware. No doubt that it is a growing market that could see as many as 1.4 million registered professionals using VR for prospective clients for their growing business.

AR applications in real estate and other industries are numerous. There are apps that can model an entire home or a room in 3 dimensions using the sensors and camera in the newer smartphones. Augmented Reality has the ability to solve a variety of pain points for every aged smartphone user. People no more longer need to spend too much on other equipment or marketing, all they need is a phone and an AR application.

Designers and other industry professional have slowly started incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their design and sales process. While some are willing to go all-out with headsets and other remote devices, others might feel comfortable starting with something simpler, easier and familiar; like an application or a computer.

With an advent of our new application measARe, you can experience a new view of the real-world object using your smartphone’s camera.

measARe (pronounced as “measure”) is an augmented reality (AR) application for iOS users. This application developed by us (Plutomen) was initially to measure spaces and heights anywhere you wish too. Later, after several trials and errors, we’ve bundled this application a few extra features that will get the dimensions rights before making any purchase and have a better user engagement.

This app is designed to accurately measure the size of any floor or wall by measuring it on the mobile screen. With its simple user-friendly design measARe allows the users to measure places just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional ruler or tape measure. It measures a sufficiently accurate distance to the object, the height of the object or wall and much more by using multiple point markers. This isn’t like any other Augmented Reality measurement application, where you just measure distances or heights from point A to point B. This app lets you built your own virtual wall anywhere you wish to. And it doesn’t stop here, you can place any size television on the virtual wall to visualize it in the real-time, for better purchasing choice.

Specifically, measARe is intended for homemakers, architects, designers, ecommerce and other industry professionals, to take measurements of their places either home or office themselves, then plan other stuffs accordingly. This application requires no measuring tape or ruler – simply point your device’s camera at any object you’d like to measure up and let the app work its magic. It’s just like a real ruler, but only a lot better and way more fun.

Getting a quick readout of a person’s height is another cool feature of measARe application. But it doesn’t end there: you can use the app to also measure distance between any two points, with the Air Mode feature allowing you to measure anything simply by moving your device around.

Augmented Reality is the next evolution in the technology where no markers are needed…We, Plutomen have gone from 1.0 version which requires the user to take measurement from point A to point B.

This solution can be an ideal fit for flooring purchases, window or door purchases or treatments, kitchen and bath remodelling etc. The heart of our solution is built around collecting context from the room in the form of AR enhanced pictures, 3D measurements of the floor, walls, windows, doors, and other structures.

This measARe app will bring awareness and investment into the AR space. We are continuing to focus on the individual as well as enterprises. Our solutions and innovations will continue to flourish and we will continue to add features that solves real-world business pain points.

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Hiren Kanani Chief Technical Officer

A resident wizard for iPhone, iPad, Objective-C, Swift, Unity 3D, AR, VR, AR Kit Development and Xcode App Development. Nothing gets him more obsessed than a tricky coding problem or the challenge of finding a more efficient way to deploy a technology solution.