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Make 3D Visualization

Your trump card in the era of visual marketing

Many of us love the familiarity and comfort of doing things the traditional way. Our argument in support of this practice is usually on the lines of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Well, that is quite a fair point of contention, but to be honest, this ideology, in majority of the cases will stagnate a business and its prospects in the face of the exciting and innovative times we live in. Ingenious and visually captivating marketing content is the need of the hour and 3D visualization is your saviour. This term is used to refer to the entire process that is undertaken to create graphical/visual content for a business and is more than just developing 3D models using CAD files. There is so much more to this exciting exercise. A 3D visualizer seamlessly amalgamates technical prowess with creative flair and the result thus generated is a sureshot way to capture the imagination of a potential client. These cutting-edge techniques are relevant in a variety of fields and as of now they have managed to make a life-changing impression on industries like Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Fashion, consumer products and specifically in all the spheres of the architectural industry

3D Rendering in the field of Architecture and Real Estate:

When was the last time a brilliant layout plan or a sketched illustration of a talented, well- equipped architect failed to live upto its potential just because the client couldn’t picture the final product based on the out of date blueprint he was presented with? Ideally, he needs to fully experience the space he will eventually own and maybe occupy. Manually drawn 2D representations of ideas and designs is an archaic way to function in the digital modern era.

How many times did a deal fail to come through because the tour of the unfinished and half-done property given to the potential client by the realtor, did not catch his/her fancy? These instances are quite common and understandably so. Why would people invest their hard earned money into projects that fail to give them the real feel of the property they wish to buy? These potential clients are expected to merely imagine the final outcome of a work-in-progress or yet to be started construction/renovation project. Ideally, an architect, engineer or an interior designer would like his/her design ideas to be done justice to, by way of an accurate, if not better, virtual rendition before the actual work starts in the physical world. This is where 3D rendering comes to our rescue.

3D Architectural rendering and 3D Architectural visualisation:

This revolutionary techniques aid in creating lifelike and realistic visual illustrations of residential, commercial as well as Industrial properties. This brings to (3D) life the projects that were merely on paper with no potent visual representation prior to this.This is a great way to put new life into your ideas and imagination with the highest regard to the nitty gritties of your design. 3D architectural rendering and visualisation has revolutionised the field of design and architecture and it is here to stay.

What does a 3D Visualizer do?

A 3D visualizer takes upon him/her the responsibility to translate the vision, ideas and designs of an architect/ interior designer and prepare a 3 dimensional virtual presentation of the same on the computer screen before the project is taken into the real-world. These magnificent visuals are created using 3D visualization tools and software that the visualizer is well acquainted with. He/she uses these tools and software efficiently to bring out and highlight the minutest of details of the project, which will eventually become their client’s USP when they enter the market with their offerings. Because everybody can offer floors,ceilings and walls, attention to detail is the need of the hour and a 3D visualizer understands that.

3D Rendering Services:

Real Estate and Architecture companies always have a lot on their plate in terms of tasks in hand and a majority of these tasks fall into the time- consuming category. Incorporating 3D visualization of in-house projects into this list of tasks will only make things cumbersome. So, the wise decision here is to look for people who already have technical and creative expertise in this field and offer 3D rendering services in its varied forms. Plutomen Technologies is one such enterprise with a set of well-equipped professionals, passionate about what they have to offer. 3D Walkthrough, Interior Rendering, Exterior Rendering, 3D Floor Plan, Architectural animation and Virtual Reality tours are among the wide range of services offered in the field of Architectural visualization. All these services ensure that builders, engineers, architects or for that matter an individual client gets a complete insight into how the finished product will eventually look and feel like when it comes through. It’s an experience in itself. This process is where you can ensure expensive mistakes, both monetary and time related, are avoided with full attention given to possible modifications and improvements in the initial plan.

Interior Rendering:

This wonderful visualisation and rendering technique gives you a much closer and intimate look into the interiors of a space, presented as per the varied tastes of individual clients. Interior rendering provides a direct peek into what exactly the inside portions of a property will look like on execution, complete with the desired furnishings, fittings, lighting etc.You are literally able to visualize the mood and aesthetic of different portions of your house or any other property in question. Interior designers see their plans executed in the virtual world in all its glory. All they need to do is submit their sketches, design-plan files to the service provider and communicate their vision to them; and then what? You wait for the magic to unfold. Residential as well as commercial properties like hotels, malls, offices etc benefit from rendering services. Detailing is at its peak in such techniques. Right from the colors of the walls to their textures, the light installations in the desired space, its tone and brightness, the flooring options,the furniture placements, their angles and spacing etc is all covered in these interior visuals. You want to take it a step further? It is also possible to know what kind of view the occupant will be able to enjoy from different windows of the property. Fascinating, right? The functionality of the designed space can also be studied here, to make sure the interior designs and placements are not just visually appealing but also practical in the real world. The interiors of a space speak volumes about the occupant/owner and is an extension of their personality in most cases, especially if its a residence. The designer/decorator is entrusted with immense responsibility and expectations, to do justice to the place they will eventually call- home. You wouldn’t want to mess this up, would you? Taking the help of these rendering services ensures you have a happy and content customer, who is most likely to spread a positive word about you in the market.

Exterior Rendering:

Just like clients would want to get a feel of the interiors of their prospective property, it is natural for them to want to know how the building/residence would look like from the outside and how the outworld world would view it. Exterior rendering services ensure that you get high- quality and realistic visuals of the exterior of the property before it actually goes into construction mode for potential clients and investors. This includes a look at the elevation of the building from multiple angles, its texturing, the view of the building in daylight as well as during the darker hours, the surrounding landscape, the outdoor parking view, the roads, the lights installed outside etc. These renderings are usually customisable to the needs of the client.

Besides residential property, such services are highly demanded by property developers who are looking for investors to fund their project. These exterior renderings quicken the process of procuring funds, once the investor or buyer can visualize the outcome of the long term construction assignment in question. This is the apt stage for them to recommend the changes they wish to see in the project, to ensure time and resources are not misdirected and wasted once the project goes on the floors after approval.

Architectural Rendering:

This is also beneficial in assignments pertaining to Hotels, Resorts, Malls, Hospitals etc. In the present scenario, these services add great value to prospective buyers of apartments in gated communities with multiple towers. The buyer gets an in-depth idea of where his future flat will be located, what his view is going to be like from there and also if there are any towers blocking his view. Lastly, this may not capture the interest of all customers, but does play a key role in the decision making process in some cases. Vastu shastra otherwise known as the ‘science of architecture’ guides a lot of people,specifically in India, in buying the right property that has the appropriate ‘vastu’ in place. If the architectural rendering (Both interior as well as exterior) is in compliance to their vastu requirements, this definitely adds to the chances of a potential sale taking place.

3D Visualization services - Device to improve and refine design

Building a product digitally before taking it to the physical world has numerous merits, especially when it is an architectural product. Considering how labour intensive and time consuming the entire construction process really is, figuring out the minutest of details as well as flaws at such an early stage makes 3D visualization services a boon of sorts. Corrective action can be taken to rectify these flaws, thereby contributing to the potency of the architectural design on the whole. Because, going back and forth with design improvements and corrections at this digital stage is way better than doing so once the project has gone on the floor.The latter would be a nightmare, wouldn’t it? Elaborate and impressive variations in design portfolio: In addition to the above merit, working in the virtual world gives you the added advantage of having multiple design options rendered with specific variations, at your disposal at all times. Why just restrict yourself to one potential option? Customization is key. A design professional wouldn’t be that adventurous with his creativity in the real world !! These design variations can be used by the architect/ interior designer in his/her portfolio to attract new clients.

3D Architectural Rendering Services -Device for marketing and advertising

Let’s get real here! It’s a cut throat,competitive world out there and you have to try every trick in the book to earn the approval of your customers. It ain’t easy for old-school architectural, real- estate firms to secure clients based on incompetent communication of their design perspective. It has become increasingly mandatory for professional, photo-realistic visuals and design plans, to take centre stage during the negotiation process with potential clients. It’s a reassurance of sorts to them, that you intend to provide top quality outcomes, leaving no room for vague, generic ideas. Clarity is of vital importance. It’s high time, architects, designers and developers adopt 3D architectural rendering services to boost their professional image and create a formidable reputation for themselves in the field of architectural services.

Eye-catching online presence:

Add to the above mentioned merits of going digital with your designs, the incredible ease with which your ideas and concepts can be shared on social media and advertising networks with a click of a button, paving the way for eye-catching, high definition promotional material online. Infact, these 3D rendering services provide top quality virtual content for digital publicity campaigns, luring potential clients. The rewards of 3D architectural visualization are umpteen, as you have rightly figured out by now. And this virtual intervention to your designs, puts your business in a separate league of competition all together.

Ravi Patel Chief Design Officer

Living and breathing the world of design. A perfectionist who would rather keep going back to the drawing board instead of compromising, who believes that the seeds of a great visual lie in the words of the client’s vision.