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Importance of Mobile Apps for a Business

Benefits , and few cautions of having a mobile app for business

'Mobile' is no longer a simple tool but rather a superpower that connects not only people but even businesses. With the advent of the latest technology, people have almost become addicted to mobile phones, tablets & other similar devices. We cannot imagine our lives without our phones. As per a recent report by Statista, 2019, carried out on mobile phone users from 2015 to 2020, it is expected that the number of people using mobile phones can go beyond 5 billion. (As shown in the figure)

(Source: Statista)

Coming over to the mobile phone usage of India. According to Cisco , by 2022, India will have about 829 million smart-phone. Until 2018, it was only 27% of mobile phone users. Indicating a massive leap in the present times.

The study, as mentioned above, can be well illustrated with the image given below:

(Source: Cisco)

Gone are the days when it was just offline shops, and then came websites, now it has reached to apps and a lot more. The mobile apps have undergone a vast transformation. Users can now get any information with just a click.

With such a marvellous response, there's no way one would want to miss this golden opportunity. It is one of the biggest reasons leading to an increase in the popularity of mobile apps. From a food delivery app to an e-commerce store from banking services to healthcare industries and almost every industry has a mobile application that has proved to be beneficial and helped create a buzz.

It is indeed true that some cautions do exist, and one can't deny that. Hence, before one thinks about a mobile app, they should look back at all the pros and cons. One should go through an in-depth analysis of the purpose of the app and the motive behind launching it. The next step is to get rid of the unnecessary and pick only those that are perfect for one's business.

Following are the other benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

  1. Direct Communication with the Target Audience

    The biggest deals, special offers, new arrivals, and launches directly reach the customer. It also helps the business have a better understanding of the crucial details such as consumer behaviour, demographics, and geo-locations. It can act as a great way to devise the perfect marketing strategy.

  2. The Loyalty of the Customers

    One could have any business, but irrespective of that, we all need loyal customers. The customers have to be provided with information about the different services and products regularly. These notifications, when received frequently, make it easier to attract the customers and take the brand value to the next level.

  3. An App and website Can Create Wonders

    Let's take the case study of companies like Amazon, Flipkart , MakeMyTrip, etc. All of them created the website first and then later jumped on to the mobile app. It could be the reason that sites serve best to create awareness, whereas an app helps in the sale. The reason could be that apps are quicker and easy to navigate as compared to the websites.

  4. Every Effort Matters

    All it takes is one innovation, and it can be the head-start that you wanted. The effort, be it small or big, can create a significant impact on the market share. You never know what might click with the audience and make the brand reach an extreme level of fame.

  5. After-Sales Service becomes More Reliable

    Once the customer buys a product from the mobile app, the relationship doesn't end there. In case the customer has some issues with the product, he/she would be able to get in touch with the customer service team immediately via the mobile app rather than sending an email or repeatedly calling over the toll-free customer care numbers. It will make the customer's life easy and create a positive impact on the brand.

  6. Feedback System

    You can add the feedback option on your mobile app regarding your product or service. With this function, you can get a wide range of feedback from the vast array of customers. This big data will help you to improve your product or service. Some flaws regarding the quality and quantity or the issues about delivery may be addressed quickly with the feedback.

  7. Improves Brand Recognition

    There are so many formats and new techniques that keep erupting in the field of advertising. The competition is immense, and it's hard to break the clutter. All the brands are trying everything in their capacity to go out of the box. There is nothing left; brands are giving it their all. It is where the apps come in. The same creativity, when applied to an app, can come out different and create magic for the brand.

  8. Personalized Content

    It's human nature to love attention. The same goes for apps. Every customer likes being served, something that is created based on their preference and taste. It plays a pivotal role in delighting them and making brand loyal. It can be done as per the customers' behaviour pattern, culture, location, and interest, etc.

  9. Online as well as offline access

    All mobile apps offer quick access in a single click. They offer users to consume their content quickly and seamlessly by storing vital data that can be accessed offline also. Some apps related to finance, retail, banking, news, storefronts, and games, work both online and offline. For a customer to be able to view a news related document or play a game without an internet connection seems like the best thing to have happened.

  10. The Business Updates

    Those with an app have nothing to worry about if customers are aware of your new features/offers or not. One alert message or notification is enough to keep them informed. No need to splurge millions on advertising.

Along with the numerous benefits of mobile apps, there are some cautions to keep in mind before developing a mobile app for business. Let's have a look.

  1. Cyber Security

    Security is of prime importance in a mobile app. An app needs to keep the data of a customer securely. The belief that the customer has should remain intact. Data privacy is a pivotal thing for business applications that requires user's financial data like e-commerce apps, banking apps, etc. to give priority to customer data protection.

    (Source: Google)

  2. Selecting the Best Service Provider/ Developer

    Every company isn't an IT company. Hence, it is quite reasonable that people in business will hire a developer for developing a mobile app. Though some firms make a mistake by choosing cheap developing agencies. It leads to crashes and breakdowns, which should not happen frequently. In case it happens, rectify as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is always better to seek a good and reliable app developing firm.

  3. Providing Hassle-free Version

    Some business firms aim to earn from ads on the app too. It could at times backfire because if it becomes overboard, customers might not stay. Frequent and numerous ads can be annoying and lead to a bad review or feedback. At times, people intending to buy may leave too. Hence, a limited number of ads should be placed.

  4. Updates

    Apps need an update from time to time, but it is equally valid that customers do not like frequent updates. At times, people uninstall as they get irritated by receiving updates quite often. It should be sent only when required.

  5. Ease of Use

    The app should be designed, keeping in mind the users, not the developers. It should be easy, smooth, and simple. Customers should love spending time on the app. It shouldn't seem like a treasure hunt but rather easy to navigate.


Businesses are getting newer definitions nowadays. Technology is booting them to grow more. In this era of digital marketing, companies having their mobile app sustain in the intense competition of the market. Apps make the business easy and increase the market reach. One will have an appealing option for doing some innovative trial and error for the recognition of a brand. It is especially helping hand for the entrepreneur is well. Let's grab the opportunity and make the extension of our business with a mobile app.

Hiren Kanani Chief Technical Officer

A resident wizard for iPhone, iPad, Objective-C, Swift, Unity 3D, AR, VR, AR Kit Development and Xcode App Development. Nothing gets him more obsessed than a tricky coding problem or the challenge of finding a more efficient way to deploy a technology solution.