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How AR/VR is redefining the teaching-learning process

Breaking the past!

Education is one of the salient pillars of a progressive society. Being knowledgeable stays the constant chase even in this age when information is widely available on few clicks. Despite being a chief determinant of a nation’s well-being, the education sector faces various challenges in its way to delivering quality education.

Problems like obsolete content and pedagogies, commercialisation, lack of intellectual human resources, and weaker administration systems have made the education system suffer since many decades. However, inability to teach practical application of the pre-defined theoretical knowledge is accused as the key problem of all. Adding to it, lack of better technology and resources is yet another root cause of the students being literate, but not necessarily intellectual and knowledge driven.

After undergoing the unprecedented changes due to the pandemic, it is strongly realised to equip the education sector with technology and better means. In the wake of distance created by Covid-19, various academic organisations already struggled to conduct academic processes, be it conducting online classes or conducting online examinations. Be it evaluating performances or inspecting student’s behaviour. Be it conducting practical demonstrations, or clearing doubts. An issue which even the top tier institutions face is having a seamless experience in teaching remotely.

Not only is the distance created by CoronaVirus that has made organisations get into deliberations and discussions, but also the rising ambitions to create sustainable and better educational infrastructure. A system that ensures to deliver quality education, to create leaders that shape the future. To mould young minds which can build up a society capable of facing any challenging quotient and create a better world to stay.

With these problems, tech giants are already on their way to create integrated solutions for the education sector. Just imagine if our creative minds were duly introduced with today's advanced technologies like AR and VR that they have never endured before, what marvels they can do. They don't just need it; it's their right. Afterall, they are our country's tomorrow. Let us peek at how technologies like Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) can turn to our advantage.

Augmented reality in education

What are AR and VR technologies, and how do they boost our Education?

Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality is an immersive technology that runs on the axiom of building a computer-generated virtual world and enabling users to interact with it.

Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality (AR) is a non-immersive technology. It brings voice, pictures, and texts to a real-world situation for an enhanced experience. Here, the real-world objects are "augmented" by system-generated data.

  • With VR and AR, students have the perks of overall study with a digital touch. Once they enable VR and AR, they can design and collaborate in 3d sitting on their tables. Besides, it's three-dimensional, and thus students learn more because of the exciting way they can explore it. They relish it when they can interact with these devices or when they see something pop out.
  • With the help of Virtual Reality technology in classrooms, we can engage students and improve their learning experience. For example, instead of reading and staring at the pictures of the Taj Mahal in textbooks, students can now explore its beauty and ancient past through their virtual reality headsets.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology can significantly improve the learning style of students. Teachers can explain complicated topics in real-time, like studying the human body, DNA, genes, or even observe a storm practically, making it easier for the students to understand.
  • Students get to turn around and look at the stuff from all the angles, unlike the traditional textbooks, which gives them a thorough understanding of the topic they are learning.
  • With wearable technologies like HoloLens, which are instantly growing popular, now we can bring 3d content to the real world for a more satisfying training experience.
  • In-class collaboration can prove to be a better tomorrow. Students can be at any place in the world and still remotely communicate with the teachers as in a regular classroom.
students learning in augmented

Augmented Reality Apps

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is a blend of AR and VR and allows students to take virtual tours to interesting places - be it diving under the deep sea or stand on the tallest building in the world. Students can explore all the aspects of natural surroundings, history, science, and arts.t

AR-kid: Space

AR-kid: Space is an application that utilizes Augmented Reality to divulge children into the magical world of Space and its history in an entertaining way.

CoSpaces edu.

CoSpaces edu is a content-creation app for students. With this, students can build their 3D creations and their chosen 3d environment and explore them with AR and VR.


Wonderscope is a storytelling app. With the help of Augmented Reality, the application changes any ordinary spot into amazing stories. Students can even talk with the story characters.

Even though Augmented Reality is a revolutionary invention and is marking its presence in various sectors, it still has a long way to go, especially in India. Click here to read 6 ways in which AR can be a Game changer for the education sector.

We have designed AR based educational applications – EducationAR. It provides 3D demonstration of the objects and augments them over the physical environment. Meant for equipping students and relating them to higher order level of thinking, it provides them a virtual experience.

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