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Four key benefits of 5G which will improvise XR experience

Enhancing the XR experience with 5G

5G is coming; we are so close to the next mobile generation. The speed that you couldn’t even imagine. 5G comes with high-speed data rates, low latency, better connectivity and efficiency, and many other benefits. 5G is not only about phone calls, text messages and internet speed. It's something bigger than that—hundreds of thousands of devices connected via a single network. 5G is focused on connecting smart devices and bringing a whole new era of the digital world.

XR,AR,AI and VR merged


VR/ AR and MR is also trending these days with its new application in various sectors. But it does have some limitations, which needs to be overcome. 5G will help these technologies flourish in a way never imagined before. Key players like Qualcomm and Microsoft are investing in XR to make mobile XR a reality. Eventually, XR will replace the mobile phone in the coming days.

Here are four key benefits of 5G which will improvise XR experience:

  1. Consistent quality with Low Latency

    Low latency means the low lagging time between a request and a response. The bare minimum to enjoy XR experience is 50ms. When latency is over 20ms in XR, users experience nausea. But with 5G’s low latency, users will have an amazing experience. XR is all about immersion, and making users feel like they are in a virtual environment is extremely important. With low latency, comes benefits like high reliability, high mobility and high bandwidth. This will benefit many industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment.

  2. Richer visual content with cloud XR

    Cloud XR is going to revolutionize the world with its unlimited capacity to store data. With the ultra-fast speed of 5G and enormous bandwidth, data will be accessible anywhere around the globe. 5G will help XR provide content with 6 Degrees of Freedom, photorealistic graphics and visuals. This new immersive experience will change the way we consume and interact with the content.

    However, Synchronizing real world and motions of the users comes with technological challenges. It requires a massive amount of graphic rendering process. When rendering is done on the cloud instead of mobile devices, it needs fast and reliable data speed. 5G will provide the fast and reliable data speed for delivering the best XR experience to the user.

  3. Higher Capacity at lower cost

    The use of millimetre waves in 5G will help us fulfil the demand for UHD quality content. It will help us shrink the data, which results in high capacity, lowering the cost and fast transmission. Today, it is possible to transmit data in HD, but it has few limitations. The data transmitted in HD is limited to the field of view. The content outside the field of view is low quality, which compromises the user experience. 5G will help us overcome this problem in the coming times by enabling a 360-degree, total view of content.

  4. Real-time interactive collaboration

    Current pandemic has pushed every employee to work remotely, and schools to teach remotely.We suddenly saw an increase in the need for communication services, tools to remote collaborations and fast and reliable data connections. 4G served this needs to some extent, but people also faced many problems like low data rates, and video conferences don’t seem to be the best way to interact virtually.

5G and XR combined will provide high data rates, and remote collaboration will be more interactive. This time, the real world will be the interface, and it will give the user the feel of working in a real office. Remote work strategies are not going anywhere, post-pandemic. Many big tech giants have provided an option to their employees to work remotely, and maybe remote work is going to be the future. 5G and XR are ready to meet the demands to provide full immersive remote work experience.

 immersive remote work experience


XR is not just limited to the gaming industry; it will benefit most industries like education, gaming, industrial manufacturing, real estate, marketing and advertising, retail, entertainment and many more. It will also be beneficial in different industrial processes like product development, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, market sales, etc.

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