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Explainer Videos For Startups

Explain, Entertain and Covert

Yes, these are the three aspects any business’s visual content marketing strategy has to deliver on, in order for it to realise its full potential. They are beneficial for any kind of business but particularly crucial for a startup. Explanatory videos check all the boxes with regards to enlightening your potential customers about your existence and purpose, in a freshly unique audio visual manner while keeping them entertained and thus leading to likely conversions. Explainer videos for startups help with establishing an individuality and personality for the product, service or the brand per say. You know what they say about first impressions, right? They last for a long period of time and an explanatory video for your startup is your intro to the world, make sure it is worthwhile.

The benefits that accrue to a business from such videos are plenty. In recent times, incorporating explainer videos into the content strategy has become the ‘cool’ thing in the startup world. How do you explain this explosive growth of the explainer video phenomenon in recent years? Let us break it down for you.

  • This might sound rather obvious, but these videos really DO work and their impact is tangible.There is a sizeable chunk of people on the internet that prefer to just hit that “play” button and hear what you have to offer, and if you target this demographic, you are sorted.
  • The video production infrastructure and technology costs have experienced a sharp fall in the recent years.Access to broadband has increased and businesses are taking advantage of the free video hosting and distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo, which are extensively watched.
  • These videos are sort of a plug for themselves. Interesting explainer videos catch the eye of budding startup business owners and give them the push to try-out the same for their own venture.
  • There is increased awareness among entrepreneurs about how incorporation of a video in their content strategy can benefit search engine rankings and increase web traffic by many folds.

So, are you among the startup entrepreneurs who recognise the immense potential an explainer video holds? Before you jump on the bandwagon and get going with creating a video for your business, there are a few things that require to be sorted. Yes, this is a process that requires detailed planning and avoiding the ‘go with the flow’ approach will save you a lot of resources in the future. Below is the list of things that a business owner needs to deliberate over, before kicking off the production process:

  • Establish the real purpose behind your explanation video: You have decided to go for an explanation video for your startup but you need to think clearly about what you want to gain out of it and what do you want the viewers to gain out of it. When the goals are clearly laid out, it will guide you in coming up with far more crisp content. The goal could be anything, more sales, more subscriptions or just better awareness about your work culture or brand.
  • Pick out a video style: Whether it is 2D animation or 3D objects in a 2D video or a music-only approach. It could be educational or humorous or both? Zero down on the tonality and mood of the video taking into account what kind of audience you wish to target.
  • Decide on the length of your video: This is crucial to the ultimate reach of your video. Videos that are far too long are likely to be skipped. Viewers tend to get easily distracted, therefore it is important to not only keep the videos short but also gripping enough to hold onto their attention right till the end. Avoid drowning them with too much information.
  • How many videos? : You can consider breaking up the subject matter of your content into multiple videos, if you think that delivers your message in a better manner. Of course, there has to be a pattern in which the content is divided and incorporated into the videos.
  • Allocate a realistic amount of funds for the project:Not every video is fated to go viral, so it’s only sensible to not go overboard with the budget. Having said that, too much cost cutting might reflect on the quality of your end product ultimately reflecting on the standards of your enterprise. Therefore, striking a sweet balance is essential. Do your groundwork, to arrive at a rational figure.
  • Arrive at a timeframe for the explainer video production:To ensure things move smoothly in a timely manner and you receive your end product in time, it is essential to fix a deadline for the explainer video production process to conclude within the allotted timeframe.

Corporate Explainer Videos:

Startups are not the only businesses that reap rewards from incorporating explainer video in their marketing strategy. Corporate explainer videos in general, be it for a new small-scale business or big established companies, have proven to bring in exceptional gains. Because even if you are a prominent company, that has been around for awhile, marketing and branding require constant fresh efforts from time to time, to avoid stagnancy.

Some common attributes observed in the best animated explainer videos:

There are a good deal of viral explainer videos available on the worldwide web and a newcomer in this field benefits tremendously from just browsing through some of the best animated explainer videos unleashed into the startup world. We did the job for you and came across some common features in all of the top videos.

  • Script-writing is of vital importance. A crisp and concise narrative will take your video up a few notches. Let the script follow a conversational style and be free from too many statistics and technical jargons.
  • Most videos that proved to be big hits were within the 120-150 seconds limit. Follow the short and sweet principle. Brief videos have a more lasting impression when compared to longer videos.
  • The explainer video needs to address a problem that is prevalent at large and offer a solution to it or answer a burning question. There needs to be some sort of value addition, not just fancy words being thrown around.
  • Address and showcase the benefits. Don’t just talk about the features of your product, tell the viewers how it’s going to solve their problems and impact their lives.
  • A video needs to end by directing the viewer to take a specific action, otherwise it turns out to be a lost cause. There are a variety of creative ways in which one can include a compelling call to action at the end of the explainer video which can lead to conversions.
  • The right music, the right voice-over artist all contribute to the overall effectiveness of the video.
  • Humour is your best friend. Nobody really is attracted to dull and monotonous video content. Adding comic and witty elements to your video increases it’s effectiveness but make sure the humour used moves along with the script and is not forced.

We at Plutomen Technologies understand what a daunting task it can be for a business to independently come up with a great explainer video which incorporates all of the above characteristics. Especially when as a startup company you are also expected to juggle a dozen other things to stay afloat. Our creative team of extremely passionate professionals are here to help you to add that vibrant human touch to your brand.

Kinds of explainer video animation:

It is essential to have an understanding of some of the different styles of explainer video animation, so that you are able to zero down on a style that best suits your needs as a startup.

  • Whiteboard Animation: This style of explainer videos involves animation that is hand- drawn and these drawings are ultimately used to tell a story by blending visual and oral storytelling techniques.This combination leads to better understanding and retention of the information by the viewer and is particularly preferred among the startups.Whiteboard animation does a great job at grabbing viewer attention in an effective way and keeps them hooked especially when it comes to simplifying complex and elaborate ideas.
  • Kinetic Typography videos:In simple words this translates to text in motion and is an animation method that merges motion and text to convey an idea as well as evoke an emotion. The simplicity of typography videos is their USP.
  • Stop motion videos: This is an animation technique that has existed for over a 100 years to create an illusion of movement. Also known as stop frame animation; objects, puppets, clay figures and even people can be animated using this technique. The fundamental concept is the same- place something in front of the camera and take a picture. Now move it slightly and take another picture. Do this a number of times. When these frames are played in succession, it gives an illusion of movement. The above concept is the most basic principle of stop motion animation and over the years the technology associated with this has vastly progressed. This may be an ancient method but it has only gotten better with age.
  • Animated Infographic Videos: These are the most favoured form of video animation, when large quantities of data (facts, figures and financial statistics etc) needs to be communicated to the viewer in a graphically appealing manner.These audio visual means, make it rather easy to absorb such information.

Here is an animated infographic/motion graphics video, taking you through an informative tour of the city of Dubai, produced by us at, Plutomen Technologies.

Video production services offered by Plutomen Technologies:

In addition to the above mentioned styles, we at Plutomen Technologies offer video production services for

  • promotional product and web videos
  • 2D and 2.5D animation videos
  • Animated Doodle, Cartoon videos etc.

Let us help you cut through the noise on the internet, with an explainer video that adds a distinctive identity to your brand. For more information, get in touch with us at

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