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Expect technology to present some paradigm shifts in education

Technology in the classroom can be so much more.

With our businesses and lives moving towards technology, it is high time for our education to adapt the technology. Historically, slow towards embracing the technology advances, education from elementary school to the professional courses will be more technology focused in the coming years. Technology can act as a major tool for pedagogical resources and connecting with the students.

According to various studies, it is estimated that USD 700 million will be invested in AR and VR in the education industry by 2025. It is further estimated that numerous professional courses will go virtual by 2021. This means that there is a huge and significant opportunity for the adoption of technology in the education industry.

Revolutionizing the Classroom

Education in today’s time offers immersive experiences for the students to enjoy the learning processes. For certain students, it can help to learn more effectively as compared to the traditional methods of the teaching. Technology plays a vital role in overcoming language and visual barriers.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are becoming more accessible to the educational institutes and it lays an exciting time ahead for the education industry.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Engagement in education is always the weakest aspect. The facilitator struggles to deliver the best outcomes in a lot of cases. AR/VR can enhance the engagement and learning experience for the students.

Interactive technology lets students learn by researching and receiving feedback and they become more passionate about the subjects they like. The adoption of the technologies helps students to improve their imaginative play and thinking capabilities and inspire them to learn through gamification. Increased number of applications are been developed focusing on critical thinking skills. These applications help students to apply these skills and make the learning more relevant to them. Moreover, advanced research skills can be cultivated in the students with the help of technology and it doesn’t let students limit their potential and creativity.

Real World Issues

Technology promotes the use of the real-world problem in the classroom. Students can research about the real-life issues and connect the dots with the curriculum. Simulation helps to bring these real-life problems and situations to the life in the classroom. It lets students see the perspective which otherwise would have been impossible. Specific simulation tools can be used to understand some difficult real-life experiences like a tornado, planetary movements, and much more. Moving away from the static models and adopting the newer technologies, can help students see the dynamics of the life and world.

Discussions and Working Groups

Technology helps students to create a virtual community that can help them to connect with other students and teachers anywhere in the world. They can ask questions and receive feedback. This helps them in refining their thinking, reaching higher comprehension levels and develop a deeper understanding. The technology focused education is not about the staring at the books but it helps students to discuss, debate, and establish the group dynamics with the other students.

Technology and Teachers

Apart from the students, teachers can also benefit heavily from the adoption of technology. It helps them to collaborate and share their ideas with the other teachers online. This helps them in refining, improving, and identifying the shortcomings, resulting in the enhanced practice of teaching.

Teachers are more like coaches nowadays. They do not only deliver the lesson but also guide and support the students in their activities. They provide feedback and coaching and help students develop the necessary skills. They ensure that students are not only learning the concepts but also applying them in their life.

Ending Note

Technology adoption in education has enormous potential which is not yet tapped completely. With the current adoption of technology and recent technological advances, the penetration of technology in the education field is increasing. Hence, it is a good time to take the first steps in this direction. Don’t miss the tide and win your market share with Plutomen Technologies.

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