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Enhance your Mobile App with AR integration

Accelerate Your Business with AR

There are no two thoughts on how Augmented Reality is changing the world we interact with. AR has now become an integral part of the digital revolution around us by providing numerous different solutions.

The brands and investors have now started to capitalize on Augmented Reality technology and its commercial value. Augmented Reality along with the existing mobile applications gives the brands an opportunity to produce an engaging and impactful experience for their customers and gain popularity among the target audience leading to brand loyalty.

Augmented Reality not only improved the customer experience but can also be used as a simulation tool in order to how mobile application behaves in the real-time before the release.

Better User Experience with AR

The UX of the mobile application can make or break the whole experience for the users. With Augmented Reality, great experiences can be created for users through immersive environments. Hence, a world where users are encouraged to participate and experience the product with a click on a mobile application can be created.

For example, Sephora developed a Virtual Artist App . A lot of women do not buy makeup products online because they do not want to buy before trying. To answer this concern, a virtual artist app helped women to try the products before trying.

The way Sephora used augmented reality technology was useful for their customers which helped driving online sales. It also appealed to their tech-savvy customers. This tool helped to create brand advocates for the brand. Using the product, they became the brand ambassadors by recording and sharing their experiences with others online.

With the average attention span decreasing, capturing user’s attention is a challenge. Augmented reality gives mobile app developers a way to make the application more immersive, innovative, practical, and give a meaningful experience.

Improve Customer Engagement with AR

Augmented reality is helping the brand to create a competitive gap and really differentiate themselves from their customers. By engaging the customers through mobile apps and giving them the off-line experience on the comfort of their home, an emotional connection is created. With only a few companies taking the route of Augmented reality, this competitive gap can be broadened by engaging customers.

To drive customer engagement, McDonald’s had launched the advent calendar application . McDonald’s tray liners were converted into interactive advent calendars. Every day during the festive period, new content was unlocked. Customers would scan the liners to unlock the games, animations, selfie filters, and win Amazon vouchers as well.

This helped McDonald’s to improve customer engagement and drive repeat visits. McDonald’s saw more than 1 million interaction in 24 hours and at an average each user had 2 interactions indicating repeat visits by the customers.

Accelerate Your Business with AR

Augmented Reality technology can play a dramatic role in accelerating the business by speeding the business processes, reducing the need for physical outlets and stores, and by shortening the time to multiple markets.

For example, Augmented Reality can change the way retail businesses operate. Lactose has changed the way customers buy shoes through the Augmented Reality Mobile Application. The application allows the customers to try new shoes without having to remove their shoes and waiting for the assistant.

This service was available by keeping the foot in the graphic on the floor of the store and scan it using the application. The app then shows how shoes would look on the customer’s foot. It will also provide details about the product and other products of the same range. This application also lets the customers share the images through social media.

One another example of using augmented reality technology in the retail sector is IKEA catalogue 2014. It lets the users see how certain furniture will look in their home. Users had to scan 90 AR-enabled pages of the catalogue with the app and toss the app to the corner of the room where they want to place the furniture.

Assist your customers with AR to find the right solution

Augmented reality-based mobile applications are not only limited to the retail segment but also to education, F&B, and other various segments where it can assist customers. For example, Kabaq Augmented Reality Food App.

Kabaq uses 3D advanced scanning technologies for creating high-quality 3D models. These models are then used to create immersive experiences for the restaurant customers. These AR based food menus enable restaurants to present their food items in 3D that provides incredible and immersive visualization of the dishes. These AR based menu applications let the users share on various social media platforms too. These apps also help caterer or event planners to help potential customers choose the menu items on-site in a compelling way.

Wrapping Up

Augmented Reality is becoming more and more common nowadays. With the recent releases, the integration of the mobile application with Augmented Reality technology is becoming easier and easier. With innovations in retail, travel, entertainment, healthcare and in various other industries, the future hold myriad of opportunities and possibilities for Augmented reality.

Augmented reality-based mobile applications are now widely available in the app store. In fact, Apple now has a section of App store dedicated to the AR-based mobile applications. With so much interest and growth of this field, it is the right time to invest in an augmented reality-based mobile application for your business.

The next question is where will Augment Reality will move forward from here and how far it will impact our day to day lives? Implementations and approaches can vary. A reliable business partner can guarantee the success of your AR based mobile application and transform them. Plutomen Technologies can design, implement, and execute Augmented Reality based mobile applications for your business. To know more write us at .

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