Bridging the gap between Virtual and Real world through AR-VR

AR-VR puts life into virtual world

Virtual Reality (VR) transforms the reality for a user by the application of a simulated environment and using augmented features. It creates an immersive experience for the user, and they feel as if they have been transported to another world. This extraordinary shift is usually made possible with the adoption of a head-mounted display.

Another aspect of the above situation was introduced with the arrival of Augmented Reality (AR). AR works around a similar concept – here, computer-generated objects are simulated in the real world of the user. These simulated graphics are generally presented in the physical world using a smartphone. This is made possible with the help of algorithms through which mobile apps acquire an advanced understanding of digital images.

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AR-VR is on the way to change the world as it does have many promising applications. And, we are not talking only about the gaming industry where the mettle has already been proven. Earlier, you would need to visit an arcade to play VR games; but now, all you need is a smartphone. Today, AR-VR is used effectively in museums, events, cinema, and it attracts a large number of people. Isabella Stewart museum went a step ahead and replaced its stolen artworks with their digital versions.

Mark Zuckerberg has purchased Oculus with the belief that the platform had the potential to change the way we work, play and communicate. Snapchat did take camera features to a storm by usage of AR for transforming our faces and adding elements like hearts and flowers. Similarly, AR-VR has boosted engagement in social media by providing an interactive and immersive experience to the viewers, you just need to put some life into the regular advertisements.

If you are in a retail store, customization of a product you are interested in has become simple with the help of VR. And if you are purchasing online, AR lets you see and feel the item to help make your buying decisions easier. AR-VR has changed the way brands market themselves. People seek out VR experiences, they engage with the brand and get attracted to it naturally. AR-VR has a significant impact on the buying behaviour of customers.

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AR-VR is considered the future of design as it lets the designers create smarter and creative designs. It allows designers to create apps using imageries, objects and color recognition. In the coming years, AR-VR is set to become a part of our daily life in the form of various wearable products.

One such innovative app has been developed at Google Arts and Culture which lets users perform real-life copy-paste. Just point the camera at an object, copy and paste in on your PC ! A video shared on Twitter demonstrated how effortlessly the objects from surrounding were captured in a smartphone and pasted in a laptop. Currently, this is a tool under progress and requires contributors to expedite the research process.

So far, AR has been used to simulate images into the real world. This application however does the job the other way by bringing physical objects into the digital world. As explained by the developer Cyril Diagne, one component (AI tech known as BASNet) detects the objects which are in foreground with the help of machine learning. Then, comes a separate process (OpenCV SIFT) which has been designed to detect where the phone is pointing at the computer screen. While the entire process takes around 6-7 seconds, Diagne says it can be made much faster. The developer has even shared the code on GitHub for those who are willing to improve it.

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When combined with apps such as Adobe Creative Suite, MS Paint and Google Docs, this AR-based copy paste tool is expected to work on common platforms like Android, iOS and on desktops. The two necessary technologies applied in the tool are Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection (BASNet) and Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT).

Plutomen Vnotes is yet another AR based tool that works like a virtual sticky note in real life. We realize just how important sticky notes are for everyone out there. What if you could tag images and videos as well apart from simple notes? These are among the numerous advantages of Vnotes – be it notes or images, they can be tagged to any fixed object in real word. If the notes must be shared with someone else, it can be done through the app. Vnotes application is capable of enhancing the productivity in manufacturing and efficiency in repair and operations.

Plutomen Vnotes is yet another powerful and holistic tool to integrate your data with your operations. Analogized with Sticky note, it provides an experience and interface to insert important data, notes and instructions, share with the team members, tag them and assign a particular task which you want to get done. Not only internal stakeholders, but even external entities having access to Vnotes can function for purposes like troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, streamlining instruction and remote assistance. Be it any media -text, image or video, it can be shared and thus decision making made easier. Check out this video to view how powerfully Vnotes function.

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Plutomen ARMS is also an AR-based tool which finds a significant role in manufacturing industries, utility companies, among others. In a revolutionary change, this tool allows your experts to inspect and address issues from any location, thereby saving time and money. In a situation like today, this tool eliminates the challenges faced by industrial companies.

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With a team of creative and driven individuals working in the backend, Plutomen technologies have delivered top-grade technical solutions and reliable services to various industries.

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