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Brands using AR as a Marketing tool

Shaping the future with Augmented reality

‘Brand’: It takes many years to build this five character word. Brands do not develop overnight. A Company has to work harder, smarter and better day by day in this ever changing market to become a Brand. You need to create new strategies in marketing, production, management, training and after-sales service to win the confidence of the customers. It takes tremendous amount of efforts to reach at the moment where people start buying the product only by recognizing your brand name! ‘To go with the flow’ as well as ‘to think out of the box’ both phrases used simultaneously can build your Brand. Recently, such ‘Out of the box’ thinking is having its own name and that is called ‘Augmented Reality’. Here we are going to discuss some brands that are using Augmented reality in their business to attract more sales as well as to deliver something contemporary to their valued customers.

  1. IKEA

    If you are able to solve the very problem of the customers, you are there to build a brand. By keeping in mind such strategy, IKEA, the furniture brand started using augmented reality to solve a common problem of customers that was ‘will this furniture be accommodated in my house size-wise or not'?

    (Source : Google)

    IKEA developed an app called ‘IKEA Place’ based on ARCore and ARKit. This app would place your desired furniture at your desired place in your house using AR’s superimposing characteristic. Customer is now not in need to get into the cycle of ‘buy-replace-by-replace’! One shot perfect selection of the furniture made possible with the use of AR. This strategy is actually attracting the customers and hence, IKEA’s brand name has been strengthening afterwards.

  2. TESCO

    Tesco is a European grocery and general retail brand. It has targeted the younger mass by collaborating with Disney. Tesco created its Tesco AR Discover app that helped in selling of Disney frozen products in their stores. Kids and their parents could browse a Frozen sticker book and use this app to superimpose selfies of children with their favourite Frozen characters! Isn’t it cool?

    (Source : Google)

  3. MTV

    MTV is one of the most famous brands of the entertainment industry. They are also using augmented reality to guess what? To make feel the user as if he/she were present in the live concert or award function! It’s almost every entertainment lover’s dream to watch his/her favourite singer singing live. MTV targeted the same thing. MTV has developed an AR based application for its users. By using this app, the user can superimpose himself/herself at the live concert of award function venue itself! After using this app, no one would have to travel and spend money to see their favourite artists live.

    This app got its first successful run during EMA show in London

    (Source : Google)

  4. Cadbury

    When you hear the name of chocolate and you will surely recall ‘Cadbury’. Having this much high recall value, Cadbury added one more diamond on their crown. Teenagers are forgetting the traditional advent calendar and taking this as a challenge, Cadbury in collaboration with Blippar to design bridge for reinventing the traditional advent calendar by using augmented reality. They built up the interactive calendar upon the ritual of opening each advent door.

    (Source : Google)

    #cadvent campaign trended a lot due to this step. And brand value of Cadbury strengthened a lot.

  5. Gucci

    Anybody who is fond of fashion, rarely would not be familiar with this Brand name! Gucci has its current revenue of around 710 Cr USD. But, in this tech-era such bigger brands also have to design business strategies according to recent trends. A couple of months back, Gucci had developed an augmented reality based mobile application that makes the user to try shoes virtually and select afterwards.

    (Source : Gucci)

    This app tracks user’s foot movement and superimposes the virtual shoes accordingly onto them so that user can have the idea weather shoes are suiting him/her or not. Furthermore, they also have developed ‘try-on’ features for other items of Gucci like bags, outfits, etc. to check virtually if they are suitable or not.

    Click here to see the video how it actually helps the customer.

  6. Coca-Cola

    The most trusted brand in the beverages category is Coca-Cola that we all know very well. It is having a share of around 50% of the world’s carbonated drink industry. Coca-Cola is known for its various and attractive marketing strategies. Recently, it had developed an AR based iOS and Android application to bring the polar bears to life via augmented reality. Customers only need to just scan the holiday-themed cans and bottles of coke and it would bring up the recreated digital polar bears’ winter domain in front.

    (Source: Mobile-ar.reality news)

    Besides this, by scanning the variations on the cans or bottles, customer can enjoy various augmented reality scenes. In addition to this, if you scan two cans together, the “Jingle bells” played by the virtual characters. “The idea behind doing so was innovative customer engagement,'' said the Digital engagement manager of coca-cola.

  7. BMW

    In the automotive industry, after-sales services are much more important for proper customer satisfaction. If the company fails to provide better services, then it may lose the trust of the customer. Being such a giant name in the automobile industry, BMW can’t afford the same. That is the reason why BMW came up with an innovative way for servicing of the BMW cars with the aid of augmented reality.

    (Source : Google)

    What they have done is, they created an AR based system that tells the servicemen about the steps they have to perform to solve a particular problem. Servicemen just have to say “Next step” and the visuals of the next step would appear on the screen of AR smart glass they have worn!

    This AR based system helps to guide the servicemen as well as helps BMW to maintain uniformity in the services. Simultaneously, BMW managed to cut the cost of training for newcomers at their service station! It’s just like cherry on the cake!!

  8. StarBucks

    It’s rare that one who loves to drink coffee and doesn’t know about the Starbucks! Starbucks is a well-known brand in this category. Recently, following the new trends, Starbucks also started using Augmented reality. Starbucks team developed an Instagram filter called Holijoy. Each holijoy filter on Instagram can be launched using the limited edition cups from Starbucks itself. Some of them are as shown in figure below.

    If user wants to activate this AR filter on Instagram, he/she has to buy one out of this kind of four limited edition cups from any Starbucks outlet and ask for the filter on Starbucks’ Instagram page . To reach out to more customer base, Starbucks also started using reusable and refundable cups to serve the brew.

    Social media is most buzzing and happening thing amongst youngsters as well as amongst adults. Combining marketing strategy with social media, Starbucks has really played a master stock.

  9. Lenskart

    Lenskart came up with unique idea of selling Spectacles’ frame online and it got so viral that people are getting used to buy specs from the lenskart app or website. But such technology based brand also needs technology aided marketing strategies. That is the reason why Lenskart used the ‘problem solving strategy’. Customers always want to try the frame on themselves that how they look while wearing the same. Lenskart took help of augmented reality to solve this issue.

    All you need is to download the Lenskart app from the Google Play Store. After that, scanning option will scan your face from both the sides and will show thousands of results that how do you look in certain frame!! Moreover, It displays Frames according to your face-cut so that you look more handsome/beautiful after wearing the same. With this move, customer satisfaction ratio of Lenskart also improved a lot!

  10. Strava Fitness

    Those who don’t recognize this brand, Strava is #1 fitness app that tracks user’s runs and cycle rides as well as points out your physical activities. Starava came up with the “Fitness AR”. ‘Fitness AR’ does nothing but just generates an AR viewpoint. It projects your fitness path virtually. Also it helps in exploring those areas on which you can make improvements in your daily physical activities.

    Such things also motivate the user for the next run!

    (Source : Google)


Augmented reality is going to be the leading marketing tool in upcoming years. While we have such sure shot predictions with ourselves and by seeing some big brands already using augmented reality as a marketing tool, every enterprise owner should think twice on implementing AR into his/her business. Using AR will portray your enterprise’s maturity in front of the market. People would recognize your business if you will attract them towards your enterprise via such interactive marketing tool like AR. Brand building is almost every entrepreneur’s dream, and Augmented reality is ready to be your companion in that journey!!

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