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Augmented reality can transform the way E-commerce and Retailers function

Technological integrations bring teams and customers closer

Post the unprecedented events due to pandemic, while businesses are still getting on their feet and raising to be sustainable, one of the most sheerly salient, and unavoidable sectors of all time since its inception stays Retail and E-commerce.

Retail and E-commerce- Closely knitted with each other, both elements in its own existence, makes the other lively and profitable. The operations, supply chain, and marketing becomes crucial to be integrated with modern day technology, which not only ensures brand loyalty and seamless customer experience, but also the sustainability of the organisation.

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around long enough now for it to no longer need an explanation. For the uninitiated – and for those who might still mix it up with virtual reality (VR) – AR is the addition of digital artefacts (3-Dimensional models, video, animation, text boxes, etc). An Intel introduction to these “digital realities” explains AR as an enhancement or supplement to the real world with a “layering new strata of perception.”

Here’s how Retail and E-commerce can benefit from AR-VR technology

Augmented reality is transforming how we shop and in particular our online shopping experience. It creates an interactive and informative experience for a customer for any given service. A recent survey found that AR content influenced 72% of shoppers to purchase a product they would not have otherwise considered. What’s more, 40% of U.S. consumers stated that they are willing to pay more for a product if they can experience it through Augmented Reality.

  1. Product Visualization Experience Before Purchasing

    Preview Placement proved to be an excellent solution for retailers especially in furniture, home decor, electronics etc. AR technology helps customers to visualize a particular product in their offices or homes or any physical space they will occupy.

    Online shopping with Augmented reality

    Apart from Unique experience to shoppers, This AR feature helps the customer in saving time as they can visualize how the product will fill and look in space. For Example, Plutomen’s EcomARcio and IKEA Place platform provides the shoppers to visualize how the furniture will look inside their living rooms. The app is easier to use and places photorealistic furniture items in the frame at the touch of the screen. This demonstration shows how users can shop around, experiment with and customize vanity shelves anywhere in their rooms. Customization extends to colours, sizes and styles, and can be directly added to the cart.


    Click here to download EcomARcio for Android devices or Apple devices

    Use case of Amazon AR View for product visualization:

    Amazon has created an amazing product called View in your room. This allows you to view products in your home before you buy them. You can see how products fit and look in your home before you bring them home.

    Amazon ARview

    Source: Amazon

  2. 3D Product Catalog

    Shoppers can interact with a wide variety of products in 3D in augmented reality on a touchscreen device. Customers can compare different products side by side remotely to make a purchase decision. They can visualize products in virtual 3D from all angles and can learn about various parts and features through part-by-part detailing. It also enables shoppers to customize and visualize different configurations, varieties, colours, etc. of your product model in real-time without an actual product.

  3. 3D Virtual Try-on Solutions in Retail

    The online shopping experience is literally incomplete without a try-on while shopping apparels, pair of glasses, wearable accessories and footwear. This AR technology lets shoppers virtually try on the many products which will help in informed decision making, customer satisfaction and unique experience. Buyers can now virtually wear sneakers, jewellery, eyeglasses and accessories, which will save lots of time and customers can try out more options.

    Lenskart is known for its "3D try-on" with its unique features and is in a leading position in the eyewear market, which sells to Indian e-commerce giants. This feature is easy to use and is constantly evolving. It enables users to check the appearance of the frame on the face through the perception of photos displayed in web and application formats.


    Source: Lenskart

  4. In-Built AR Based Measurement Feature

    If you buy furniture, flooring, window or door purchases or treatments, kitchen and bath remodelling Online, one needs to measure the size of any floor or wall or object accurately in order to purchase without any post-purchase hassle or customer dissatisfaction due to any size issue. AR Based Measurement Feature allows the users to measure places just as conveniently and precisely as with a traditional ruler or tape measure. It measures a sufficiently accurate distance to the object, the height of the object or wall and much more by using multiple point markers. It lets you built your own virtual wall anywhere you wish to. And it doesn’t stop here, you can place any size television on the virtual wall to visualize it in the real-time, for better purchasing choice.

    measARe (pronounced as “measure”) is an augmented reality (AR) application for iOS users. This application developed by us (Plutomen) was initially to measure spaces and heights anywhere you wish to and will get the dimensions rights before making any purchase and have better user engagement.

    MeasARe app

    Buying shoes online is difficult, mainly because you cannot try on shoes to see if they fit well. In addition, the brand is about the size, so you can never be sure. For example, your size in one brand may be 12, but the size in another brand is 11. With this new augmented reality function, it can measure the size, shape and volume of each foot separately with an accuracy of less than 2 mm, and then provide specific size recommendations for specific company shoes based on the style you are looking for. It does this by matching your measurement results to the purchase data of people with similar internal volumes and foot sizes for each pair of shoes.

    AR shoes trial
  5. Interactive Virtual Store

    It lets Retailers bring life to the brand with an Interactive, memorable, Visual 360 environment. Unique customer experience is created where shoppers can virtually shop different products as if they are literally in the store. Customers can explore the full store in 360 by dragging the screen, interacting with the product and see the product details in a different kind of environment and themes. For eg., Buyers can shop for travel luggage products in a luxury aeroplane environment. Another example can be of shopping for smart home tech devices. Shoppers can walk through a high graphic virtual store and can interact with the product giving them unique customer experience.

    Plutomen Virtual showroom

    It acts as a game-changing tool for e-commerce players as virtual stores differentiate their website from the monotonous grid experience of other players. It will lead to a considerable reduction in overhead costs such as floor area, heavy inventory maintained and the amount of product stacked on the shelves. Small retailers can now even charge up with a wide variety of products despite small shops.Click here to experience Plutomen’s virtual exhibition and showroom studio

  6. Augmented Reality Instruction Manual and Product Demonstration

    The augmented reality instruction manual uses augmented reality technology to overlay text and images, thereby raising the online user guide to a new level to provide instructions to users in an interactive manner. For eg even in a coffee machine, Buttons don’t explain everything or may be indicated in a different language. After the machine recognizes the coffee machine on scanning through the AR app, it shows all the buttons including different type of coffee, hot water, automated cleaning and standby.

    Coffee machine with Augmented reality features

    This instruction can be in a video or pointer form. The value of this manual becomes much more evident when dealing with complex devices such as heavy machinery, car dashboard, microwave ovens, washing machine, air conditioner and other kitchen appliances, etc.

    For example, companies using the augmented reality guidebook can have: Fewer calls to customer service, Reduced the need to send technicians to customers' homes due to the lack of customer knowledge about the use of products, NFF's (No-Fault found) returns decreased.

  7. Troubleshooting for Customers and Technicians.

    Customer service agents use AR to intuitively guide consumers to solve their technical problems. They provide real-time help and solutions as if they were standing next to customers. This can improve customer satisfaction, increase the efficiency of the call centre, reduce labour intensity, enable the agents of the call centre to act as virtual technicians, and prevent unnecessary trucks rolls.

    The customer service agent can send the visual data of on-site technicians from the customer service agent before dispatch. This allows them to plan repairs before arriving at the site. Technicians can transmit videos and images of technical issues from the field while consulting with experts or supervisors in the field or at the headquarters.

    In this way, customers get quick assistance remotely which will help in customer satisfaction and can save a lot of costs for business which eliminates the expense and unnecessary need of travelling.

    PLUTOMEN ARMS is a tool used for remote support using AR. It is a most sophisticated real-time solution for any cases like real-time lack of experience, machine downtime, production dilemma, industry bottlenecks, repairing home appliances etc. With Plutomen ARMS, one can solve problems remotely with smartphone, tablet and smart glasses. AR software allows us to intervene remotely, in real-time, carry out ordinary maintenance procedures or resolve technical failures. Thanks to the use of wearable devices, remote experts can accurately diagnose the problem and find a solution, reduce the time spent to understand the problem and avoid unnecessary travel expenses.

    Plutomen ARMS

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