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AR/VR Technology for Fire-Fighting

AR VR technology could help fire-fighters save lives

Sustainable businesses have become a necessity rather than a vision. It not only requires dynamic and robust planning but also a balanced infrastructure. One of the crucial factors of infrastructure designing and management is fire safety. Examples are already prevalent which emphasizes how much essential fire safety is at the workplace and shop floors. Better fire safety measures prove to be advantageous in the following ways:

  • Keeps you and your staff at the workplace safe and sound.
  • Fires in the workplace end in the destruction of property and an increase in operational costs. Thus, a bit of knowledge can save you from this expensive mistake.
  • It helps your workforce tackle any danger more effectively.
  • Employees are assured that they are safe, which helps them concentrate more on work.
  • The safety culture of your organization ultimately adds up to the brand reputation.

However, with modern infrastructure styling evolving every day, attaining sustainable infrastructure has become much more complicated. The solution to this is integrating modern-day technology with your work processes. So essentially, we derive to the question:

How can AR and VR Technology help us to be safe from fire?

Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can revolutionize not only the working pattern of firefighters but also save ordinary people. Today, not just the Fire Department, but several other companies are also adopting these technologies to emphasize the importance of fire safety in their organizations. Let's check out some practically used examples of these technologies.

AR-based Disaster Management Systems

Poor management of fire disasters can cost precious lives. But, adequate collaboration with Augmented Reality Technology can mitigate such circumstances. When combined with Firefighting equipment, these technologies can dramatically improve our judgment and enhance coordination between the teams. These systems reveal information that is otherwise tough to know through our insights. For instance, the data collected through AR can help the crew get the status of the emergency spot, location of their other team members, and emergency exits, which helps them protect both the people and staff and manage the disaster more efficiently.

  • AR Firefighting Masks

    The most dangerous part of firefighting is going into extremely smoky and burning places where it's difficult even to look around. But, now, a new and advanced Augmented Reality technology has been launched with a heads-up display to install inside the masks or helmets of firefighters. It uses Augmented Reality and thermal imaging to increase firefighters' visibility and let them see through smoke and dark. It presents the edges of things, so firefighters can see a door, windows, stairs, any fire sign from victims, etc., or anything else that comes in their way. This technology drives a cut in rescue time and is a lot more competent.

  • AR-based Evacuation Application

    AR-based emergency evacuation and communication applications are proving to be a jackpot in any crisis. The applications allow us to find out the nearest exits with constant updates according to the situation. Depending upon our locations, these applications download the maps with specific information on it and help us find the most secure and fastest way out.

  • Training through VR

    Firefighters face life and death circumstances daily. For this, regular training is a must-have, but sometimes it can be complicated, expensive, and risky. Here, VR-based training is the answer. VR tools, a customized fire equipment kit, and a real-world situation scenario to match any condition is a way to go for training firefighters and hone their skills. The cherry on the top is that it is a time-saving, environment-friendly, pocket-friendly, and a much safer solution.

  • Firefighting Equipment Inventory Management

    Uncertain situations never come knocking at our doors, and when it comes to the Fire Department, they certainly don't. Hence, fire safety equipment inspection, maintenance, and management are essential to ensure proper working status. With today's advanced technology, all the critical data regarding Fire safety equipment is gained and linked with Augmented Reality Technology. This helps the Fire Department get the updates regarding inspection and maintenance from their digital devices quickly and easily.

That’s how AR technology can keep your organization safe against fire. Adding to it, we are much more delighted to let you know that we have a tool to help you with keeping fire-safety measures.

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With such a drastic growth in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies, today is the right time to invest in one. Plutomen Technologies can plan, execute, and fulfill all your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based needs.

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