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AR & VR fueled Virtual Exhibitions and Showrooms

A trending solution amidst COVID-19!

Covid-19 has brought various changes in business dynamics. Social distancing and self-isolation have come into play, which has ultimately eliminated the travelling factor. This has further impacted the businesses in terms of inability to connect with customers in person for events like the latest product launch, conferences, or exhibitions. Social meetings have turned into a myth, events, shows, trade fairs, etc., are getting delayed or even dropped at times. Organizers are facing problems like revokes, and fewer people are engaged.

The industry's marketing experts have anticipated the rise of digital and virtual technology for engaging customers and keeping the global communication active. They have reduced meeting customers face-to-face and are boldly embracing virtual platforms. Thus, Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Expo, and Virtual Events, which are safer and more productive, have come into play to fix the business dilemmas.

virtual showroom and Virtual showroom
  • Virtual Showroom: With the help of Virtual Reality (VR), it has become possible to create our virtual showroom. A virtual showroom is a marketplace for boosting our shopping experience and converting to sales. It is a three-dimensional showroom with a complete 360 degrees product displays, in-depth information, pdfs, and videos for better understanding.
  • Virtual Exhibitions: The Virtual Exhibition is similar to the virtual showroom. It is a 3D display of products with in-depth literature information, pdfs, and videos. The main aim of Virtual is to showcase products and services, and work for creating the organization's brand image.

Use cases: Here’s how different industries are leveraging on AR-VR technology

  • The real estate industry is utilizing Virtual Reality for a three-dimensional virtual tour of the new flats and houses that enables buyers to get an idea of the property without worrying about visiting it.
  • Retail shops have come up with Augmented Reality based applications to evolve the shopping experience.
    • IKEA has created an experience where customers can see what a piece of furniture would look like before buying.
    • Some retailers are also revolutionizing the eyeglasses, watches, clothes shopping through Augmented Reality by letting us try it through our gadgets.
  • Virtual Reality based events, exhibitions, and showrooms have helped organizations outlive this pandemic and benefited them from reaching the global crowd, which was a back-breaking task earlier.

Why companies should invest in AR-VR technology based virtual showroom/exhibition?

  • Eliminates Travel Costs

    With the rising travel, accommodation, and meal costs, virtual showrooms and exhibitions have become a way to go option for all. It's a pocket-friendly way if you want a delightful shopping experience and a creative approach to showcase your brand and engage new customers.

  • Data capturing

    Virtual tours of showrooms and exhibitions require signing details. These further captures data of viewer surfing, and creates a database of viewer behaviour. It also registers the details of the viewer, which generates lead data for sales conversion.

  • Ease in lead generation and conversion

    The captured data creates a data bank for the showroom owner and the exhibitors. This helps in sales funnel steps, cold calling and tapping on the potential client where sales can be successfully converted.

  • Easy to set up and Economical

    With immersive and easily integrated technologies, it has become quite faster, simpler to set up a digital experience. The interfaces make it possible to access the virtual tours and demos with help of just few clicks. It helps in bringing large pool of accounts and thus turns out to be economical.

  • Branding and Promotion

    In due course, the digital trend is bound to continue. The coming generations are going to demand the latest technology. Thus, it's going to be pivotal to reach out to customers digitally to promote the business. Community building is yet another facet which virtual exhibitions and showrooms ensure to tap on.

What we have for you? Plutomen’s Virtual Event Platform!

Plutomen Technologies is a pioneering technology company with specialisation in AR-VR based technology. Recognised by prominent clients like teams of L&T, PwC, Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Power, Wipro, Bajaj Allianz, Adani, Honeywell etc., Plutomen is the most trusted technological solutions partner.

Plutomen Technologies have launched their Virtual Event Platform, a web-based interface for presenting showrooms and exhibitions with a real life like experience.

Plutomen Virtual studio / virtual showroom

Virtual Event Platform enables viewer to:

  • Surf through the interface,
  • Interact in real-time with people
  • Know more about products/services
  • Get virtual instruction manual and demonstration
  • Order or register for the product,
  • Solve the product related queries,
  • Pay through online transactional forum etc.

Click here to have a virtual tour of Plutomen’s Virtual Event Platform.

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