Learning and Training

Use technology to drive academic and vocational education

Learning is what learning creates - awareness, opportunity and innovation

One of the most obvious areas of application of VR and AR is in education/training. The rich, immersive nature of these technologies result in greater retention, as many studies have proven, which in turn increases productivity. Learning is often hindered by poor access to current information, safety concerns and, in some cases, sheer impossibility.

Research into learning behavior has made it amply clear that 2-dimensional, text-based learning is not as effective as interactive, multimedia-driven, experiential learning. Since there are multiple pathways to learning depending on our individual aptitudes, it stands to reason that technology must pave multiple paths to help people learn what they want to, when they want to, in a manner each person is most comfortable with.

At Plutomen, we recognize the value of training people well. And we know that technology goes beyond merely assisting the learner. It can also be an enabler of value and of opportunity for the educator in everything from simple administration to multimedia delivery mechanisms. Our expertise spans across devices, business models, delivery systems and subjects.

Learning and training solutions from Plutomen… for generations, this one and the next!



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