Augmented Reality

Solutions to maximize your ROI on marketing spends. AR innovations offer new opportunities for a vast amount of markets and spheres. AR technology is unique and noticeable, it gets more virality, more opportunities for personalization, & improve content quality.

Mobile App Development

Solutions to run your business even better. A mobile application provide more value to your customers, build a stronger brand, connect you better with your customers, boost profits and let you stand out from the competition.

AR based e-commerce

Platform to get you up and running in no time. AR can propose various features that may buff e-commerce. Visualize the purchases, enhance the shopping experience, imitate real in-store experience, help selling globally, eliminate doubts, and reduce the return rate.

measARe – AR Measurement Tool

Accurate measurements, unit conversion, easy export to floor plans. Quick, easy and contact-less measurement of areas and distances of nearby surfaces, simplified creation of floor-plan from selected surface points and eliminate the need for tape measures, scales, rulers and level markers.