Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products.

Arvind Envisol Limited – Kaigo
  • Task Consumer Digital Content
  • Location Ahmedabad

Problem Statement

KaiGO is an industrial equipment manufacturer that manufactures high quality products. They wanted a solution that can render their products in 3D with a 360-degree view such that it can be used to showcase it to customers and train workforce.


Plutomen developed the Interactive Product Visualization Tool to view the machines in the 3D format along with description of their components and sub-components.

The Process

  • Analyzed the requirement from the client.
The strategy

Created an augmented reality solution that allowed them to showcase their machinery in 3D along with its components and sub-components.

  • Creating the basic wireframe structure based on the requirement.
  • Created 3D set of products from the CAD plans and reference images.
  • Creating the UI/UX of the application.
  • Creating the basic structure of the application.
  • Integrating the 3D assets into the application.
  • This application was created in two modes:
    • Catalogue mode which is AR based where the 3D object would appear when the camera is pointed at the product’s catalogue.
    • List mode which is present inside the application where the user would have to choose the product from the list to have 3D interactive experience.
  • Applying the features in the application.
  • Testing the application from the developer-end and then deploying the application for the end-user.


The application was successfully developed and deployed to the client within the stipulated time frame.It eased the process of showcasing the equipment to the clients and increased the conversion rate to a significant level.

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