A Journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles

A trip sharing app developed by Plutomen for a successful startup

Business Background

An everyday corporate commuter travels approximately 90 minutes. About 16% commuters drive on their own and 67% take their own car. Income and financial schemes are helping people buy their own vehicles leading to extra congestion on roads. Continuous honking, traffic jams, road rash are the primary reasons of Traffic Stress Syndrome in India causing people to become disconnected, unhappy and stressed. Unfortunately, the road infrastructure remains same. With ever increasing and fluctuating fuel prices, an average corporate commuter spends approximately 90,000 INR in a year on fuel leading to higher vehicle ownership cost.

To solve this problem, our client approached us to develop a car pooling application.

Solution Provided

Plutomen provided technology solution and support to the customer team. Working closely with customer team, Plutomen developed the mobile platform and management access portal of the application.

About The Application

Carpooling – which is not a new concept is definitely an answer to this problem. Carpooling helps reducing the overall fuel cost by 20%. With environmental and health benefits associated, it is definitely an option to move forward.

Application lets users pull and share cars with anyone who is looking for a ride – In just one click at best possible rates.

Some of the features of the application are:

  • Clean and crisp UI
  • Anyone can use irrespective of the skill level
  • Geo-Tagging favorite locations with an option of comments and rating available
  • Alternate mode of transport options are provided
  • Ensuring security and safety of passengers by verifying through social media connects
  • Emergency message and present location coordinates can be sent to selected contact in case of any emergency
  • Passengers and drivers can chat with each other before accepting the request

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost of travelling, caused increased end user traction and thus ensured the success of the startup customer
  • Reduced congestion on roads was noticed in the areas of operation
  • Corporates clients of our customer reported increased productivity level of employees who are using the service

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