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Keyur Bhalavat
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Representing Plutomen, I was a part of the Smart City, Smart Urbanization conference was organized during 18-20 April in Surat city. Under the Smart Cities Mission, the primary purpose of the conference to cascade the learning of smart cities to other cities and towns. It also focused on innovations, sharing of tech-oriented ideas, and partnerships, showcasing the roadmap of smart urban development in India.

It was a fulfilling experience for me to exhibit our AR (Augmented Reality) product at such a prestigious event. I’m truly honored to have been given this esteemed dais for sharing my insights on AR and showcasing my product. 

The conference was attended by numerous dignitaries, VIPs, smart city CEOs, municipal corporations, etc. In those conversations, I thing I realized was a general notion that AR, as a technology, can be used merely for visualization and is limited to gaming, tourism, and education. It was a golden opportunity for me to talk about the industrial impact of AR and I covered the use cases of AR in industrial operations, troubleshooting, maintenance, digitalizing workflows, etc. By talking about the specifics of AR uses in industries, I could change their perception. The audience accepted AR as a technology capable of helping smart cities evolve faster. 

Being a collection of many smart industries like HVACs, Power Plants, Waste Management, and Water Management, maintenance and digitalized routine operations are essential in smart cities. Thus, my interactions with the visitors focused on the role of AR in remote collaboration, inspection, audit, and MRO processes. And as a speaker, we found the audience particularly receptive, displaying the intention of understanding the AR technology and its implementation. Addressing their curiosity, I walked them through the use cases of AR in various industries, the challenges, solutions, and outcomes. They liked the milestone-based approach of implementing new technologies, which brings incremental benefits. 

For the first two days, apart from government dignitaries, city engineers, consultants, CEOs, vendors, and the municipal corporation made up the audience. I was a part of the innovation dome and my stall was visited by the Mayor of Surat, the Smart City Mission Director, and many other dignitaries from around the country. The discussion with the Smart City Mission Director made my day as he acknowledged AR’s use cases in smart cities very well.   

I had the honor of showcasing my product, Plutomen Connect, at the event and received a great response after its live demonstration. My primary focus was on divisions like water inspection and breakdown maintenance, where AR was particularly beneficial. While the product will be evaluated for the next few months, I have already received suggestions around what features can be added to the product. Moreover, interacting with such dignitaries enlightened me about the actual problems they faced and what customization in the product would be more beneficial specifically to smart cities. Our technical team is set to do the required modifications and make Plutomen Connect even more practical for smart cities.  

After receiving some wonderful responses on my AR products, I anticipate working with smart city CEOs and municipal corporations across the country. Excited and hoping for the best! 

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