Why is Remote Collaboration Platform Vital in Industry 4.0?

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The term “Industry 4.0,” which includes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and “smart manufacturing,” refers to the integration of traditional manufacturing techniques; with advanced digital tools. Machine learning, big data – augmented reality in Industry 4.0 to create more streamlined and interconnected operations for manufacturing sectors.   

Even while every industry work in the modern era is unique, they all share a fundamental challenge: the requirement for instant MRO issues and real-time visibility across systems, resources, and personnel.   

Industry 4.0 is useful in this respect. When you adopt the practices of Industry 4.0, you transform your company from the ground up, not merely in terms of manufacturing efficiency.   

But have you ever thought about how augmented reality remote assistance and remote collaboration could benefit Industry 4.0? Augmented reality has many uses in Industry 4.0; many are intended to support technicians in their current working environments.   

Through augmented reality, users can see step-by-step instructions for a task they need to complete or even receive real-time visual instructions from industry experts remotely using the frontline worker platform.   

Currently, augmented reality is widely used in areas like maintenance, assembly, and quality control, and leading firms across industries are deploying augmented reality-based technologies to transform their industrial processes. Do you want to know how? Read on!  


Aids manufacturing companies in resolving their most pressing problems  

The old ways of resolving and traveling across the other country are insufficient to solve the problems that arise in today’s industrial plants. We always say that the best way to deal with contemporary issues is to employ contemporary methods. Here are three ways in which augmented reality empowers your workforce and can help you face modern challenges and generate enormous value: 

Manufacturing sector  

Remote assistance AR solutions can be used to improve factory equipment maintenance and decrease downtime. The entire manufacturing procedure is updated as a result.  

Service sector  

An augmented reality assistant connects service technicians on-site with specialists in the field. Quicker repairs on-site, a higher first-time fix ratio, and happier clients are all possible thanks to AR remote collaboration.  

AR Training:   

AR Training can offer new employee onboarding with minimal risks on heavy equipment or machinery. It can aid in the speedy retention of their newly acquired skills and cut down on the time and money needed to train new hires.

Allows service technicians to tackle complex problems  

Using a mix of real-time images- remote video assistance to resolve faster MRO issues is rising. With the help of augmented reality (AR), technicians can instantly connect with experts at the site virtually for remote assistance with complex service issues. The field technicians are equipped with digital instructions to help them tedious troubleshoot.  

Let’s take a use case to explain to you further. The pallet dispenser a field worker John is attempting to repair is not working correctly. He seeks advice from industry expert Tim in the field. With the help of an augmented reality app like Plutomen Connect on his smartphone. John instantly connects over a remote video call and offers Tim visuals of the pallet dispenser. Tim promptly diagnoses the problem and provides instant resolution with AR annotations. As a result of the first-time fix rate rises & no unnecessary operational cost, the manufacturing plant profits rise upto 40%. Within a matter of few minutes, the complex problems get sorted:  

  • Faster first visit resolution instead of multiple visits to the same site for troubleshooting a single problem 
  • Travel costs incurred to bring in the industry expert to identify the issue to resolve it correctly 
  • Insufficient communication might put frontline worker’s safety at risk while handling that heavy machinery 
  • Long downtimes put a pause on the entire manufacturing turnaround time, making each minute a hefty loss.  

Helps with overhaul, repair, and maintenance  

When applied to MRO, augmented reality maintenance and repair platforms can speed up processes by 15-30%, boost quality by 90%, and guarantee consistent adherence to industry standards.  

Let us discuss two success stories of companies that use augmented reality remote maintenance for their tasks.  

Augmented reality for maintenance applications is used in Bosch Car Service centers. Auto mechanics can use the augmented reality app to find hidden car parts with the help of directional arrows, and it also displays step-by-step digital instructions for performing the protocol by selecting the appropriate tools. The company claims that by using AR, auto technicians can complete each step of MRO work in 15 percent less time than before.  

To keep their planes’ electrical systems in top shape, Boeing as well employs AR tech for repairs and routine checks. Instead of relying on a 20-foot-long, illegible 2D drawing, technicians can now use an augmented reality app to view a flexible 3D model diagram of the aircraft’s wiring superimposed on the real-world plane. The innovative solution has resulted in a 30% saving of time spent on MRO activities and a 90% improvement in the size of work performed by inexperienced technicians.  

Reduces costs

It’s possible to save money systematically in many situations using augmented reality-based remote support. To begin, an augmented reality-led frontline worker platform like Plutomen Connect can help save money on transportation costs without physical visits. In addition, it can significantly cut down on the money spent on truck rolls and hardware upgrades.   

With a vast scarcity of skilled technical workers globally, the new-age technicians need proper onboarding training. Moreover, many industry experts are soon to be retired too. With Plutomen, the expert can seamlessly provide knowledge transfer & appropriate AR training remotely is indeed the best solution. Training costs can save cost and time and maximize the worker’s safety with augmented reality. 

Reduce errors

Augmented reality remote assistance platforms like Plutomen Connect allow field technicians to instantly resolve any problems that arise while auditing or troubleshooting the machinery. Plant MRO errors and misinterpretations can be minimized with the help of AR instructions. It can highlight the specific screws, bolts, and cables that need to be removed or readjusted. As a result, the potential for mistakes made by humans is diminished.

Contribute to higher levels of efficiency

By assisting field workers remotely using augmented reality technology, industrial enterprises can boost the efficiency of their workforce. As a result, we see the enhanced output and efficiency out there.   

Offers real-time visual assistance

As field technicians perform maintenance or repairs, they can immediately access up-to-date information and step-by-step instructions thanks to augmented reality-based remote assistance platforms like Plutomen Connect. Customers will be able to perform self-service maintenance on their assets with the help of real-time data, which is especially useful in the event of a pandemic. Repairs in the field can be performed efficiently when specialists and team members work together in real-time and share information effectively.  


Industries 4.0 can expect a dramatic shift shortly, thanks to augmented reality apps that include remote support. When used for remote support, Plutomen Connect provides several benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about how augmented reality remote support can help your business grow, feel free to contact our expert team.  



1. In a 4.0 industry, how can I ensure that my frontline employees are equipped with the necessary skills?

Plutomen Connect offers the following to help you improve the capabilities of your frontline staff:  

  • Computerized Instructions  
  • Safe Information archive  
  • Methodologies with Detailed Instructions  
  • Libraries of Tools Covering the Entire Development Lifecycle  
  • Tools for improving TAT through the use of checklists  


2. How is augmented reality remote assistance utilized in industries 4.0?  

Plutomen Connect can improve factory efficiency, safety, and output by superimposing digital data on an employee’s real-world view through special glasses or smartphone apps.  


3. Is troubleshooting an easy task with augmented reality remote assistance in industry 4.0?  

Yes, troubleshooting is much easier than you imagine with Plutomen Connect. Manufacturing issues can be quickly diagnosed and corrected with the help of Plutomen’s high rate of first-time fixes, quality audits, 3D annotations, and inspections.  


4. How can faster onboarding be done in industries 4.0 with Remote assistance AR? 

Plutomen Connect aids in the upskilling and reskilling of your remote workers, whether they are new frontline employees or retired technicians, engineers, or manufacturing industry experts. In addition, you can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of those who have retired or are nearing retirement age.  


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