Plutomen at Smart City Showcasing Plutomen Connect & AR Use Cases in Smart City 

Keyur Bhalavat
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Our Hon’ble prime minister launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 with a vision to bring ease of living and prosperity by developing smart cities. The Smart Cities, Smart Urbanization conference was organized during 18-20 April with the idea to cascade the learning of smart cities to other cities and towns. The event comprised innovations, sharing of ideas, and partnerships regarding the roadmap of smart urban development in India. Plutomen feels gratified to have exhibited our AR (Augmented Reality) products at such a prestigious event. 

AR is a deep technology that helps superimpose digital content such as images and text over the real-world environment. By providing smart solutions, smart city enables the citizens to interact with their surrounding efficiently and effortlessly. AR can be used with technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency of different aspects of urban living by enabling interaction with the real environment. 

The conference was attended by numerous dignitaries, VIPs, smart city CEOs, municipal corporations, etc. It was a golden opportunity for Plutomen to talk about the industrial impact of AR. We did our best to capitalize on this opportunity and discussed the use cases of AR in industrial operations, troubleshooting, maintenance, digitalizing workflows, etc.  

When our CEO, Mr. Keyur Bhalavat, talked about AR at the event, he realized it was a general notion that AR is a technology used merely for visualization and is limited to gaming, tourism, and education. He was able to change the perception through his conversations, and AR was looked upon as a technology capable of helping smart cities evolve faster. 

Different start-ups discussed different technologies, including IoT (Internet of Things), GIS (Geographic Information System), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and AR, and how they were significant in smart cities. The discussion focused on what technology was implemented in smart cities, what the approach was, and the outcome post the implementation.  

Being a collection of many smart industries like HVACs, Power Plants, Waste Management, and Water Management, maintenance and digitalized routine operations are essential in smart cities. Thus, we made the visitors aware of how AR plays a game-changer role in remote collaboration, inspection, audit, and MRO processes. AR in smart city will help make the most of such use cases. As a speaker, we found the audience particularly receptive, displaying the intention of understanding the AR technology and its implementation.

Addressing their curiosity, we walked them through the use cases of AR in various industries, the challenges, solutions, and outcomes. The questions were mainly about the implementation approach, challenges, and evaluation matrix. Additionally, Mr. Keyur discussed the milestone-based approach and its incremental benefits during the panel discussion, and it resonated with the thoughts of the audience. 

Highlights Of Smart City Surat Event & Plutomen  

Apart from government dignitaries, city engineers, consultants, CEOs, vendors, and the municipal corporation were the primary audience for us. Plutomen was a part of the Innovation dome, which comprised stalls for B2B start-ups with end-use cases smart cities. Our stall was visited by the Mayor of Surat, Smt. Hemali Boghawala, the Smart City Mission Director, Mr. Kunal Kumar, and many other dignitaries from around the country. The discussion with the Smart City Mission Director was quite satisfying as he understood the benefits of AR in smart city and its use cases very well.   

We gave a live demonstration of our AR product, Plutomen Connect, at the event and received a great response. Our primary focus was on divisions like water inspection and breakdown maintenance. While our product will be evaluated for the next few months, we have received suggestions around what features can be added to the product to optimize it for smart city in a more effective manner. Moreover, interacting with such dignitaries helped us understand the actual problems they faced and what modification in the product would be more beneficial. Our technical team is set to do the required customization and make Plutomen Connect even more practical for deploying AR in smart city. 

Use cases of AR in Smart City 

Remote troubleshooting – With AR products, the frontline team can perform remote troubleshooting and take the advantage of step-by-step digital instructions. The overlaying images can help with complex troubleshooting involving wiring, ground network, or complex machinery. 

Remote MRO – Frontline teams can get visual instructions and collaborate with expert technicians to repair machines, network equipment, and address downtime quickly. Scheduled maintenance and repair can be done remotely, and issues can be fixed quickly identifying faulty machines. 

Audit & Inspection – Inspection of power lines, pipelines, buildings, etc., can be done from remote locations, adhering to the SOPs and checklists. Similarly, compliance of technical standards across division can be checked remotely using AR products. 

Installation & Commissioning – Expert guidance through video and AR instructions presented as 3D digital assets simplify complex tools and machines installation in smart industries. Commissioning of the factories and plants can be done remotely with the help of integrated checklists which cuts down the time required. 

Training – Workers can be trained through an interactive knowledge repository consisting of 3D workflows and annotations over equipment video & images to meet the industrial demands. The impactful on-the-job training helps in quicker upskilling of the workforce for smarter operations. 

Closing Thoughts

Plutomen is an AR-based SaaS platform that provides AR solutions to industrial enterprises for frontline digitalization. We help enhance frontline capacities through self-assisting resources and digitized workflows and connect them with experts for remote collaboration. Our platform helps industrial customers improve productivity, enable faster resolution, reduce operational costs, and maximize revenue growth while promoting sustainability and worker safety. 

Our product Plutomen Connect is remote assistance & video-collaboration-based platform that enables the frontline workforce to connect with experts instantly. It facilitates quick incident response and expedites the field servicing processes with a one-click connect. Smart enterprises can minimize downtime, improve first-time fix rates and conduct field tasks – MRO, Troubleshooting, Compliance & Audits checks remotely through Plutomen Connect.  

Plutomen is keenly looking forward to collaborating with smart city professionals across the country. We are thrilled to transform the operations of smart cities by offering the anticipated sustainable solutions through our AR-powered products.