Introducing Connect 2.0: Improved to Enhance Frontline Remote Assistance

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Plutomen Connect 2.0 is Finally Here!

We’re super excited to announce the launch of an upgraded version of Plutomen Connect 2.0, our AR-powered remote collaboration platform for frontline workers. We have added some fantastic new features to strengthen the capabilities of your frontline workers and turn them into superheroes!

In Plutomen Connect 2.0, we have added scheduled calling, notes, and gallery access during calls to enhance the user experience for your frontline workers and make their lives easier. What’s more, Connect has gotten a makeover with a brand-new UI/UX in an eye-appealing color palette.

In this blog post, we will tell you more about the innovative improvements in Plutomen Connect and how they can better aid your frontline workers. So, buckle up to get ready for the ride!


What’s New in the Plutomen Connect 2.0 Release

1. Schedule calls

With scheduled calls, we have added a way for users to collaborate remotely. For example, earlier frontline workers or experts could make a call with a single-click button or by creating sessions.

Now, a user can schedule calls in advance and add meeting details such as the title, and agenda, add invitees, define the presenter and host, and add the date and time. This makes way for enhanced and faster collaboration between experts and workers. The end results? Think about instant and timely installations, MRO processes, troubleshooting, and more.


2. View galley during calls

We have added to the array of features available to users during an ongoing session. With the view option (represented by an eye icon), users can now view images, videos and notes captured/recorded and saved in the gallery during a call.

This feature, too, has two-fold benefits. Firstly, it enables experts to better assist the frontline workers with the data saved in the gallery. For instance, if the same issue has occurred before, the solution is already there in the gallery. So, more instant and faster fixes! And for the frontline workers, the gallery serves as a knowledge repository with information collected over time during calls. So, they can access it whenever required, including during a call to gain a better understanding of an issue or solution with increased visibility.


3. Take notes on the call

In Connect 2.0, users can now write and capture notes online during an ongoing session. For instance, a frontline worker can make his own notes explaining issues in a way he understands and enables him to solve a problem faster. These notes will be accessible only to him and saved in the gallery so he can also view them online during a call. This feature empowers the workers to increase efficiency and productivity with simpler, easier understanding.


4. Revamped UI/UX

With all the superhero features we added to Connect, how could we not give it a makeover with better looks? So Plutomen Connect 2.0 has a brand-new UI/UX to provide your frontline superheroes with a more friendly and intuitive user experience. And along with the thoughtfully crafted UX, we have recreated the designs with eye-pleasing color ranges!


And of course, Connect 2.0 still has the classic features, including:

  • Single-button click AR-based calls to connect with experts when required instantly
  • Create sessions & share session details with other users or join an ongoing session
  • Contact book & call logs
  • AR annotations on the real environment
  • Share files & chat securely during a session
  • Freeze screen and make AR annotations for assisting in extreme environments
  • Integration with wearables like smart AR glasses
  • Record a session or take screenshots
  • Gallery- a cloud-based, secure knowledge repository that stores notes, images & videos captured on calls
  • Search function in the gallery to easily find a specific piece of information
  • Live geolocation


Key Takeaways

So, what do you think?! We are thrilled with the new release and cannot wait for you to see our latest features live in action. Book a demo today to know more about Plutomen Connect 2.0 and how it can accelerate the growth of your industrial enterprise. Let us show you how we can help digitally transform your business!

Meanwhile, if you can think of more such exciting features to add, drop us an email at! We strive to be better in the future and grow to match our clients’ growth aspirations.

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