How Field Service Management Platforms Drive Sustainability to Industry 4.0?

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Businesses across various industries have come under intense pressure in recent years to make significant strides in the social and environmental arenas. And as the younger generation grows more environmentally conscious, sustainability becomes essential to Industry 4.0’s success.

Sustainability is not a novel idea, as seen in the past. Businesses have been creating strategies to lower their carbon impact for decades. Supply chain disruption, industrial behavior shift, and global health catastrophe have all intensified previously established tendencies. As a result, businesses now have the chance to investigate fresh ways to lessen their environmental impact.

The staff well-liked the many advantages of working from home, including less travel time, flexible scheduling, more time with loved ones, and improved digitization. Collaborative technology in Field Service Management, including video conferencing, cloud file storage, screen sharing, team chat channels, and collaborative whiteboard tools, have quickly gained popularity, enabling teams to work together more successfully.

The adjustment has also benefited sustainability, which was a concurrent possibility. By early April 2020, daily global CO2 emissions had reduced by 17% compared to the mean levels of 2019, with decreases in ground transportation accounting for just under half of this decrease. 

According to a survey by, emissions dropped by an average of 26% in each nation’s distinct countries at their height. Focusing on how your organization may cut its emissions is also a wise business move, as clients, investors, and employees are more concerned than ever about sustainability.

Let’s now examine how Field Service Management Platforms can assist industries in lowering their carbon footprint.

Reduce Commute Times and Wasteful Fuel Usage

Troubleshooting trips are highly costly for businesses for both financial and environmental reasons. Remote meetings eliminate the need for travel expenses, including flights, cabs, and accommodations. The purpose of a troubleshooting trip is usually twofold: to serve as a learning experience and an opportunity to meet new people.

On the other hand, investing in the correct technology like Plutomen Connect can help you cut down on business travel. You can get the same benefits as face-to-face meetings using simple, real-time collaboration tools. Concept board has built-in video conferencing, so switch on your camera while holding planning sessions.

An essential component of field force management software is its ability to route and geolocate service providers. In this way, the technician’s travel mileage and fuel consumption can be minimized by finding the shortest available route.

It is possible to allocate the nearest technician to the location of operation whenever the dispatching agent has received an emergency. Technicians can stay on top of real-time schedule changes, saving them time and money on unnecessary trips.


Carbon Footprint Reduction by using Cloud-based Applications

As far as environmental improvements go, this is undoubtedly the most unintentional method. By using cloud-based field service management software in industry 4.0 technologies instead of on-premise software, industries gain various advantages, such as increased cross-device accessibility and user capacity while reducing their carbon footprint.

Using on-premise infrastructure results in a substantially higher carbon footprint than cloud services because cloud services may make better use of downtime. Less hardware and energy consumption can be achieved using shared cloud infrastructures rather than a separate data center.

It’s important to remember that firms are expected to go beyond typical CSR in their efforts to combat climate change. Integrating a sustainability-focused mindset into all aspects of the business is essential. CSR dependency and day-to-day contribution could be bridged by defining how each person may make a difference in their work.


Eliminating Paper Usage throughout the Field Service Lifecycle

The future of field service management lies in AR-based collaboration software like Plutomen Workflow that allows industries and their frontline workers to totally eliminate the use of paper throughout the field service lifecycle.

Workers have access to a vast assortment of work-related resources, such as processes, technical information manuals, component diagrams, and similar materials. With hands-free instructions, guidelines exploded view diagrams, and checklists, your frontline staff can concentrate securely on the task at hand in dangerous conditions.

Workers may complete tasks without having to print out any paperwork because the mobile app collects all required documentation in one location, making it possible for technicians to operate totally paperless while still being able to work on their own schedule.


Helps to keep an Organization Afloat

Using remote collaboration solutions like Plutomen Connect, industries can reduce their office footprint and save money on travel, operational costs, and equipment expenditures.

Manufacturing units can begin to reimagine the purpose of the office and enable people to collaborate, communicate, and create value regardless of location by putting the proper processes in place, supported by the right technology, training, and employee engagement.

The shift to the Internet does not come without cost. As digital cooperation and e-commerce have evolved, data center carbon footprints have skyrocketed. Consequently, organizations must consider sustainability by implementing measures such as enhancing the energy efficiency of data centers.

Plutomen Connect and Workflow go above and beyond to make sustainable practices an integral part of their daily operations. Working with Plutomen has resulted in faster turnaround times and less waste due to the reduction of the number of revision cycles and the amount of time it takes to pass feedback from one person to the next.

To be as ecologically friendly as possible, Plutomen streamlines the entire collaboration process. This whole process of Field service management for manufacturing explains how Plutomen helps save time and resources.

Because there are no conferences or seminars, there are fewer carbon emissions. Even if your team members don’t have to fly across the world to attend a conference, they still contribute to carbon emissions. Furthermore, the format of a single speaker addressing a large audience can be easily recreated via the Internet. Online conferences enable more individuals to participate at no cost and can also be conveniently recorded for later viewing.

Just like Plutomen Connect’s ability to share HD video and files in real-time makes it possible to work together while maintaining high accuracy and convenience. In addition, you can record and store photographs and videos taken during service sessions in a service ticket or knowledge base for documentation or compliance purposes.



Organizations need to rethink how they operate and develop a better model for their workforce, their business, and the environment in light of recent surveys showing that over 70 percent of workers will continue working remotely.

Remote collaboration solutions like Plutomen can help teams work together more efficiently while lowering their environmental impact. Interested in seeing Plutomen’s augmented reality-powered digitized platform in action with your team? Request a free demo today.




1. How is Field Service Management possible using an AR-based platform?

Field service management is very much possible using Plutomen Connect as frontline workers can utilise real-time data and take rapid action to increase productivity and return on investment. Plutomen Connect enables technicians to communicate with specialists via voice and video channels. Hence, they can forget about precision; instead, they can simply freeze the window while on a call and do as instructed by their support technician to solve an issue.

2. Does a field force management software help with sustainability?

Yes, of course! A field force management software like Plutomen Connect and Workflow help to go paperless and put an end to costly field trips by specialists for urgent troubleshooting. This means using visual work instructions, digitised manuals, and cooperation with specialists, Plutomen Workflow makes machine repairs easier for front-line workers, resulting in fewer downtimes.

3. Is an AR-based remote collaboration tool a necessary addition in industry 4.0 technologies?

Yes, an AR-based remote collaboration tool Plutomen Connect is a must-have in industry 4.0 because You can help your remote workers solve their problems in a short period of time by providing them with step-by-step SOPs that outline exactly how to do so. Facilitate inspections, remote audits, and compliance checks to ensure that all equipment are operating efficiently. Additionally, you’ll save money on transportation costs.

4. How AR-powered Plutomen is driving sustainable transformation in Field service management for manufacturing?

By combining present and future development issues with IIoT and IoT smart devices, and by limiting downtime, augmented reality-enabled Plutomen is creating a sustainable shift in industrial field service management.


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