Augmented Reality 3D floor plan & 360 degree view on your mobile phones

Augmented Reality application for Deyaar Developers

Industry Insights

Utilizing Augmented Reality by integrating technology into smartphones enabled delivering reality based services and functions. Augmented reality is the enhancement of real-world environments by overlaying virtual data images onto a physical space.

Considering the demand and advantages of AR technology in real estate, our client Deyaar, a leading real estate organization wanted to build an AR technology based application to promote its latest project.

An Augmented Reality Technology based application to promote Real Estate projects


Considering the requirements of the project, an AR application enabled on smartphones was built. When this application scans a pre-defined image or reference object, 3D Floor plan pops up on the mobile. The user can view the property from every angle through this application. Upon further clicking on any room, the user can view the interior details in complete 360 degrees

Business Benefits

  • Increased user engagement through visual interaction
  • Clarity on the project layout
  • Helps in word of mouth publicity
  • Easiness to reach potential customers
  • Increased ROI
  • Easy accessibility for Channel Partners

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