Augmented Reality

Building the seamless AR experiences tailored to your needs
Transforming the way you interact with your everyday objects, Augmented Reality crafts 3D experiences.

Technology enables creation of intelligent and beautiful digital experiences to bridge the gap between you and your customers. The digital overlay of information with the physical space lets enterprises create branded, interactive augmented reality experiences.

Plutomen Technologies Private Limited offers numerous innovative solutions of Augmented Reality for different industry segments enabling you to offer an immersive experience to your customers. By transforming data into actionable insights that present information about our physical world, a flexible simple and capable Augmented Reality Solution for your world can be crafted.

‘Reignite the power of imagination with Augmented Reality’

Plutomen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps you transform the real world objects into digitally enriched media experiences, through interesting content in the form of videos, images, animations, 3D by image scanning through an AR application.

Offering endless opportunities, Augmented Reality can be used almost anywhere, everywhere and in anything and everything. Seamlessly augmenting various kind of digital content like scripts, images, 3D graphics on the top of 2D or 3D objects, we build AR experiences for Android, iOs, and Smart Glasses. AR can enrich education sector, games, industrial designs, marketing activities, real estate, and tourism industries by assisting them in creating exciting digital experiences.

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