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ARMS – The Guide on How to Use


Recent call List

Recent list will display the incoming and outgoing call details

  • User Will be able to view the list of recent call along with
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Call duration
    4. Call Type : missed/Incoming/outgoing
  • User can call a person By Clicking on the name of person from the list
  • By swiping on a particular name to the left, the User will a ble to see a cross button from which the User will be able to Remove/delete a name from the list

Contact List

This list will contain the name of users assigned to the group. The call can be placed only to the predefined members in the group.

User can make the call by swiping left on the user and click on the call button.

The contact list also provides a Search Contact Facility

User Profile

This Screen contains the Information of the user as displayed along with logout facility

How ARMS Call Works

Service Engineer or any user looking for the support at remote location will make the call.

When the user makes a call from the contact or recent list, a call will be placed showing the receiver’s name .


At the Receiving Side user will have the option of Accepting and Rejecting facility along with caller’s name

Call Acceptance

As the receiver accepts the call, the video call will begin.

In case, the device is locked the user will first have to accept the call and then unlock their phone in order to continue the Video call.

Unlock feature and screen may differ, depending on the device.

AR Based Remote Assistance

Once the call gets connected, VoIP link will be established and your camera will open.
The call enabled will have the AR feature for visual and clear guidance.


Here the Caller will first have to scan the surface for proper detection

To scan the surface the user will have to move the device as displayed by the animation on the screen

To use the features, the user needs to click on the arrow on the screen which will display the respective layout as follows

Here Only caller Will be able to Delete all the drawing and annotation from the screen.

How to Add annotation

To add annotation user need to

  • open settings
  • It will display the list of annotations for use
  • Select any annotation
  • Then the user needs to tap on the particular position / place he wants to place the annotation

Annotation can be placed from both sides Caller and Receiver

Caller Side

Here the caller has added one of the annotations , which can be viewed by the receiver

Receiver Side

The receiver can view the annotation added by the caller , and can add annotations from his side also.

Call Rejection

If the receiver rejects the call, the caller will be notified that the call has been rejected

And will get the callBack option : As displayed in following screen User will be able to Close the Call Back option or can make call again.