Architectural Visualization: A bridge between reality and fantasy!

Since the beginning of the human civilisation, building shelter has been a constant throughout the history of million years. Even in those times, design communication and architectural visualisation has always been a key ingredient of the entire process.

One thing is constant and that is the change. Technology also changes and evolves with the time. So has the technology of architectural visualisation. From freehand sketching to the complex and sophisticated 3D rendering software, architectures have always found a way to showcase their designs to the clients.

Since then, the means of architectural visualisation has changed. But, essentially it remains as a tool which bridges the gap between architects, interior designers, and clients. Initially, this task was achieved by drawing few lines. Now, through architectural visualisation, one can experience the space they tend to occupy.

Architectural Visualization or Arch Viz involves everything and anything that assists in viewing the architectural designs before they are even built. From basic sketches to sophisticated 3D renderings, Architectural Visualization provides a clear view of the entire design to the clients.

3D architectural visualisation easily erases the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Used for visualising residential building or commercial properties, mere computer graphics fail at giving the right picture to your target audience. 3D rendering not only is useful in marketing and communication aspect but also help in improving operational efficiencies with maximum cost benefits.

Your project deserves an incredible output. Leverage the benefits of 3D architectural visualisation and improve your efficiency. We at Pluto-men Technologies help you achieve it. Contact us at for more information.


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