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A Smarter Way to Introduce Learning & Development Initiatives with AR

The goal of learning and development teams, which are a component of talent management strategies in industrial enterprises, is to increase group and individual performance by equipping members with the skills they need to succeed and function as effectively as possible. The best learning and development initiatives are practical ones that incorporate supervision, engagement, and interesting assignments. All of these elements can be used in augmented reality to create a more effective learning & development programs for frontline workers.


Challenges Faced in Learning & Development Programs

Real-Time Interactions

Real-Time Interactions

In the past, most competency-building processes were performed on-site. That means months of waiting period to get an expert to train your frontline workers or paying a hefty price to make them come sooner. However, the current scenario requires transition to real-time learning of your workforce.

Low Engagement

Low Engagement

Traditional L&D initiatives are not only repetitive, mundane but also lack a proper code of conduct, especially in a hazardous environment. Due to which off-site workplaces are unable to get proper information and a safer environment. The lack of proper learning & development practices leads to low engagement and productivity among your frontline workers.

Increased Resolution Time

Increased Resolution Time:

No proper L&D initiatives of your frontline workers replicate in their daily productivity and handling of operations. They are neither able to fix issues in one go, nor decrease their resolution time. All this leads to delayed efficiency of your enterprise to give solutions and quality products.

Relevance & Compliance

Relevance & Compliance:

With new technology, features, product line, dynamic environments, and leadership changes are inevitable. A company needs to undergo this process to remain compliant and relevant to its staff. At times, retaining frontline workers and hiring new ones as per the change becomes burdensome and time-consuming.

Get AR Solutions for Learning & Development with Plutomen

Decrease your TAT and increase your efficiency today!

Plutomen Connect let you coordinate, see, and guide your frontliners with remote visual guidance and assistance to make your daily operations easy. With us, you can troubleshoot all your issues much faster than you anticipate. So, are you ready to connect, collaborate, and receive guidance from experts?

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Get digital work instructions to unload your workload

Keep your frontline workers one step ahead with digitized AR work instructions. We offer you paperless manuals, guides, and step-by-step SOPs to conduct audits and inspections to smoothen your daily operations.

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Enhance the daily L&D programs of your workforce with AR

Initiate AR-based L&D programs for your workforce with Plutomen Assist. We help you upskill and reskill your existing or newly hired employees with 3D AR annotations and self-assisting platform. So that your frontline workers work in a safer environment and have the capability to handle complex machines.

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Use Case Benefits of Plutomen’s AR-based L&D Solutions



Allow your frontliners to self-assist and learn to standardize your daily operations and optimize it further with quality MROs. We provide digital guides and manuals to help frontline workers perform their daily checklists.

Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections

Downsize the impact of increased TAT with quality audits and inspections. Get digitized work instructions to run your operations seamlessly, thereby increasing your frontline team’s efficiency and productivity.

Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Run your operations flawlessly with regular servicing and repairing of various equipment and machinery. Improve your workforce & development programs with AR today to rapidly augment your operations and run timely upgrades.

Collaboration With Team

Collaboration With Team

Connect and collaborate with experts for their regular assistance and guidance. You can also collaborate with your off-site teams and instruct them how to troubleshoot a particular issue.

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Rise Daily Productivity of Your Enterprise


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Why Choose Plutomen’s AR Solutions for Learning & Development?

Plutomen is an AR powered, no code platform that helps enterprises empower their frontline workers and teams with augmented reality safety training. We help enterprises train their employees for hazardous work environments with in-detail AR-based immersive learning and 3D annotations. With us you can not only decrease your downtimes but also get access to faster knowledge transfer. We provide secure knowledge repositories, digitized guides, and AR assistance in real-time to your frontline workers.


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