Revamp Your Daily Operations and Process with AR in MRO

Get smooth predictive, preventive, reactive, usage-based, and condition-based maintenance and repair to conduct seamless operations.


Run Seamless Operation by Introducing Augmented Reality in MRO

Augmented reality in maintenance, repair and operations ensure that your frontline team put the best effort and works to improve your enterprises efficiency. With us, you get digitized guides and manuals that help your frontline workers to conduct smooth operations. We help you diagnose and troubleshoot your issues before they try to hamper your productivity.


Challenges Faced By Frontline Workers With AR in MROs

Management of Knowledge

Management of Knowledge

Your frontline teams new and advanced machinery to improve their productivity and efficiency. However, they must know how to operate machinery – for which they need proper training and access to expert knowledge. But not having enough knowledge or the lack of knowledge management can hamper their skills and routine processes.

Data Storage & Management

Data Storage & Management

Storing and managing data into secure knowledge repositories is a challenge most enterprises face. They are supposed to handle and keep track of large databases, plant characteristics, machinery specifications, and other requirements. They also need to be very sure of the confidentiality of your enterprise’s data and keep it secure.

Ergonomics At Work

Ergonomics At Work

To conduct regular audits, inspections, and MROs your frontline teams need to work with extensive documentation. However, in case of emergency they are in immediate need of a particular code of instructions and specifications they have to follow. Handling large volumes of paper manuals, guides, and work instructions has become burdensome.

Efficient Maintenance

Efficient Maintenance

Another crucial challenge for your frontline team is to maintain the highest quality in daily work to remain productive and show your impact in the growth of an enterprise. To remain efficient your frontline teams, you need to eliminate unnecessary downtime, errors and adaptation of modern digitized tools to work seamlessly.

Deliver Smooth Operations Without Any Errors With AR in MRO

Increase your daily productivity with us!

Grab a chance to get expert guidance and assistance to operate your daily processes with ease. We have a device agonistic platform that helps you connect, coordinate and collaborate with our experts on any device.

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Troubleshoot your issues with digital work instructions

From conducting regular MROs, real-time diagnosis of issues, quality audits and inspections – do it all with our digital work instructions. Get Plutomen today and offer paperless guides, digital manuals, and step-by-step SOPs to operate daily operations.

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Improve your daily operations with improved training

Your frontline workers are your edge over competition. Make this edge sharper with AR training, 3D AR annotations and self-assisting guidelines and create a safer and productive environment for them.

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Use Case Benefits Of Augmented Reality MROs



Optimize your daily operations by conducting real-time MROs through expert guidance, self-assisting platform, and digitized work instructions to complete your checklists and tasks in a given time.

Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections

Improve your TAT with augmented reality MROs to diagnose your issues and resolve them. With us you get all the AR-powered assistance and guidelines you need to conduct quality audits and inspections with less effort.

Field Service

Field Service

Regular MROs help you operate flawlessly in your daily operations and improve your productivity than ever before. You can also be connected to your remote teams and help them handle issues better.

Collaboration With Team

Collaboration With Team

Connect and collaborate with off-site teams in less than few minutes via phone calls, chats, and video conferencing. With regular MROs and digitized manuals, you can smoothen your daily processes.

Smoothen Your Daily Operations


Increase In Re-solving Issues


Rise In Device Agonistic Fixes

Enhance and Improve Your Enterprise’s Productivity


Downsizing of Machinery Downtime


Growth In Productivity

Get 3x Business Processes With Regular MROs


Increase in Customer Delight


Increase in Rapid Digitalization


Why Choose Plutomen For Increasing MROs?

Plutomen is an AR led platform, that requires no coding from the enterprise to accelerate their digitalization with experts' guidance and work instructions. We help enterprises conduct regular and remote MROs to handle daily operations seamlessly. With us, you can enhance your enterprise’s productivity and efficiency to decrease your TAT in real-time.


To Run Your Operations Seamlessly

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