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How AR is transforming the education sector

Augmented Reality creates active learning experiences that redefine the learning space

Interacting with the Augmented Reality technology is always an overwhelming experience for the first timers. Most of the time, people fail to understand the significant impact augmented reality can have in the field of education. Augmented Reality creates active learning experiences that redefine the learning space.

Gone are the days when learning depended wholly on reading and listening. In todays world, knowledge deepens through creative and interactive experiences. By creating and manoeuvring elements related to the subject at hand rather than just reading about them, students can interpret intricate concepts in a much better way.

With augmented reality based mobile applications, students can now access modes on their own devices. A clearer comprehension of the topic is gained by viewing augmented models. An interesting and fun way to capture the learners attention and to reinforce the concepts that are being taught.

Education through augmented reality technology is far less expensive and far more impactful in comparison to the traditional methods. With prototypes, physical models, detailed illustrations and posters, the costs are way too high. In addition the schools may or may not be able to finance these conventional methodologies. The material also gets worn down and has a definite shelf life.

On the other hand, through augmented reality based applications, investment in physical study material is not required. These models can be accessed from anywhere, anytime – from school or classroom, making the interaction smooth. Augmented reality based applications allows students to access models representing a molecule or a monument. For example: After viewing a model about the human eye, the application can then lead to a web page with additional information about the human eye. Such experiences result in a complete learning cycle and students retain more information for a longer period of time.

Incorporating these augmented reality applications into teaching methods makes the whole process of learning more appealing. Students of this advanced digital era can be continuously stimulated and augmented reality delivers just that.

Augmented Reality is an example of a technology that makes classroom teaching transformational and engaging. With numerous augmented reality applications available today in the world, the ability to utilize digital content and information and overlay onto the real world through images, locations, and video has opened up a new world of opportunities for the education sector as a whole.

The ideas and opportunities are endless with Augmented Reality Technology. Still a buzz word, the implications of this in education sector is certainly not a fad. After all, real and profound learning experiences occur as students create, share, experience and interact. Changing the world around students, augmented reality enables them to construct their own learning world. It lets the students discover their unknown passion and inspire their future endeavors.

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