Augmented Reality in Customer Service to Improve Productivity

Develop innovative services and products to render improved customer satisfaction and enrich the experience of your customers.


Get Remote Assistance Anywhere You Want With AR Customer Service

Increase remote fixes and safety with augmented reality solutions and guidance anywhere and anytime you want. We help you deflect costly dispatches by providing virtual guidance and assistance from experts to enhance your customer's experience. With real-time MROs, quality audits, and inspections we ensure faster resolutions and less friction rate to delight your customers.


Challenges Faced By Frontline Workers With AR in Customer Service

Implementation Cost

Implementation Cost

The most common concern of enterprises is the perceived cost of implementing new technology or solutions. The extra cost incurred on implementation and the changes it will bring to an enterprise can be daunting. It will also have an impact on the final product’s cost, which can affect your customers’ delight.

Knowledge Skill Gaps

Knowledge Skill Gaps

The newly hired frontline workers need to have some pre-requisite knowledge about the enterprise, machinery, or industry they are about to enter. Not having enough knowledge can lead to more downtime and poor-quality products. All this will result in dissatisfaction among your customers and poor customer service.

Customer Support Workflows

Customer Support Workflows

Ignoring mapping customer support workflows, breakdowns, and bottlenecks will result in unnoticed or unaddressed customer service solutions. Too many issues will lead to customers abandoning the product or service from an enterprise.

Not Meeting Customer Expectations

Not Meeting Customer Expectations

For any enterprise, the most challenging situation is to keep their customers satisfied and happy. However, customer expectations keep changing, thus it becomes important for enterprises to know their customer personas and expectations.

Delight Your Customers With Augmented Reality Customer Service

Keep in touch with your expert guidance

Your customer deserves the best, thus you must make efforts for it. Get expert guidance and assistance through chats, videos, and calls to provide the best AR customer service in town. It will not only help you resolve issues faster but also increase the interaction of your customer with your brand.

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Go digital with work instructions today

Grab the first opportunity to conduct remote MROs, troubleshooting of issues, audits and inspections to give the best services and quality products to your customer. Our digital work instructions will help you give better AR customer services and diagnose issues much faster than you anticipate.

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Enhance your routine operations with AR training

Lack of knowledge or skill gap among frontline workers can detoxicate your customers’ relationship with your enterprise. But with Plutomen Assist you can resolve these issues in minutes. Our self-assisting platform provides your workforce with AR training and 3D AR annotations to resolve all your customer queries.

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Use Case Benefits Of Augmented Reality Customer Service



Conduct real-time MROs to troubleshoot all the issues your customers are facing without any delay. We will provide you with guided assistance and work instruction to run smooth business processes.

Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections

Run quality audits and inspections to keep your customer service top-class. With us you can satisfy your customers, improve your TAT, and diagnose issues in real-time.

Field Service

Field Service

By operating flawlessly in your daily operations, you can improve the productivity of your frontline workers and satisfy your customers too. With us, you can be connected to your off-site teams to handle issues effortlessly.

Collaboration With Team

Collaboration With Team

From off-site to on-site be connected to your teams anywhere and anytime you want. With our platform you can receive assistance and work instructions from experts via chat, call, or video conferencing.

Fix Your First Time Resolutions With Us!


increase in CSAT


increase in fix rates through calls

Meet Your Customers Expectations By


Decrease in Machine Downtime


Rise In Solving Issues

Boost Your Customer Services With Us!


Rise In Digitalization


Decrease In Call Time


Why Choose Plutomen For Augmented Reality Customer Service?

Plutomen is a no-code AR-leading platform that helps you deliver a seamless customer experience and run business operations effectively. We help you standardize your business processes through rapid digitalization, expert assistance, and work instructions. Our AR support, tools, training, annotations, checklists, and more to eliminate errors from business processes and enhance your productivity and customer services.


AR in Customer Service
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