Changing the way we work with technology

We work with future-looking organizations to empower their workforce with the most cutting-edge augmented reality solutions to create better ways to work and create more value for all stakeholders.



Our mission is to bridge the gap between top expertise and the global workforce with the use of modern advancements in technology and drive value for companies, their customers, and the global frontline workforce.


We envision a world where physical proximity isn’t a factor for the transfer of knowledge, expertise, and advancement of the way we work. We want to make the cumulative human expertise accessible with context, on demand, across devices, without the constraints of physical space.

Where We Are

Plutomen’s guiding credo is, “New Never Ends.” We believe that in technology, the only constant is change. The spirit of innovation drives each and every activity we take up, whether it’s consulting, design or development.

For our clients, we keep pushing the horizons of the possible, exploring more ways of adding value not only to our client but also to their users. Since we expect our work to speak for us, we are rarely satisfied with the compliment that we did something as well as a competitor. We want to be better. We want to be at the front of the race just as badly as you want to be yours, and the key to that is to adapt and adopt new paradigms as they emerge

Our Team

Keyur Bhalavat
Keyur Bhalavat Co-Founder & CEO
Hiren Kanani
Hiren Kanani Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

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